Zenaida Madurka

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Job title: 

Associate Professor






New Academic Building



Office hours: 

  • Fall 2017 Tuesday/Thursday TBA

Courses taught: 

For the Modern Languages Department: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition; Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition for Native Speakers; Critical Writing and Textual Analysis; Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Literature; Hispanic Women Writers; Fiction into Film; Recurrent Themes in Latina American Painting and Literature; Civilization and Culture of Latin American; Culture and Literature of the Spanish Caribbean; Contemporary Literary Theory and its Applications; Artistic Expressions of Spain.
Graduate courses: Spanish and Latina American Cinemas; Topics in Latin American Cinemas; Points of Contact; Culminating Experience.


  • May 2000: Doctor of Philosophy in Romance Languages and Literature (Spanish). State University of New York, Stony Brook, New York.
  • May 1996: Master of Arts Degree in Hispanic Languages and Literature. State University of New York, Stony Brook.
  • May 1992: Bachelor of Arts Degree. Dowling College, Oakdale, New York.
  • Jan. 1977: Associate Degree in Graphic Arts. New York Technological College 310 Jay St. New York.

Research interests: 

In my research I analyses areas of contact between panting and literature in nation-building discourses as well as in Cuba’s 19th century foundational texts. I am particularly interested in the Cuban Vanguard Movement of the 1930’s and 1940’s as artistic expressions became a mirror for Cubans discontent for the nation’s future together with a move to create new forms of expression specific to Cuba’s reality and idiosyncrasies.

Select publications & presentations: 

  • Currently working on a book on the literary and visual arts of the Cuban vanguard movement of the 1930’s and 1940’s.
  • Book: Atiéndeme, quiero decirte algo: Historias del exilio cubano (2015) Published by Aduana Vieja Editorial, Spain.
  • Article: “La geografía femenina: encrucijadas y precipicios en los cuadros de Carlos Enríquez y la narrativa de Lino Novás Calvo”.  Revista Mapocho, No. 61, Fall, 2007. Chile.
  • Article: “La música del marginado: Lenguaje de resistencia en dos cuentos de Lino Novás Calvo” [Music as the Language of Resistance in Two Short Stories by Lino Novás Calvo] Círculo: Revista de Cultura. Vol. XXXIV, year 2005,  pp. 143-153.
  • Article: “La patria en tres discursos de José Martí: mujeres mudas, hombres sensuales” [The Nation as a Homoerotic Discourse in Three Speeches by José Martí] Cincinnati Romance Review Volume 21, 2002.
  • Presentation: “Cuestionar y desenmascarar el patriarcado: Elena Poniatowska dialoga con Diego Rivera” XXVIII Latin American Studies Association: LASA 2007 International Conference. Montreal, Canada. September 6-8, 2007