5 Things to Know for Fall

With classes set to begin for the Fall 2020 semester and the COVID-19 pandemic still with us, the Student Health Center wanted to offer a few reminders about how to best maintain health and safety, whether you are traveling to campus for class or just living everyday life in your local community.

Please consider following the College’s “5 Things to Do This Fall:”

  1. Wear a mask & social distance: Ensure you are staying at least six feet from others as best you can in every setting you can. Wearing a mask or face-covering is required in New York State in most places and definitely where you cannot meet the six-foot social distancing mark. If you visit campus, a mask is required in class and in all public spaces (hallways, atriums, lounges, elevators and other shared and communal spaces).
  2. Wash your hands: Personal hygiene is key. This is true no matter where you are! Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly (20 seconds) using soap and warm water. The most important thing to do in restrooms is to wash your hands immediately after using the facilities. Proper handwashing is always the preferred method for infection control. When that is not possible, use alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
  3. Track your symptoms: New information about COVID-19 symptoms is being confirmed often. We are updating the Protect Each Other, Protect Yourself webpage as new symptoms are determined. Take time each day to monitor yourself and, if you have one or more symptoms, stay home and alert your physician. This is a required effort if you are coming to campus! See #5 below for more information!
  4. Login for virtual assistance: Most of the College’s student support offices are available to you with services and appointments available virtually and sometimes in person. Be sure to reach out to us in the Student Health Center and to our colleagues in places like Counseling & Psychological Wellness, Career Planning and Development, the Tutoring Center, Writing Center, Math Learning Center and more. Check the College website for the service that can help and get in contact when you need to.
  5. Complete the College’s daily symptom tracker: Those coming to campus for facilities-dependent classes and for work must complete the COVID-19 Screening Form each day they visit. The Screening Form is available via the ConnectOW portal. If your conditions are good, you will receive a “green light” confirmation email that you must bring to the main campus entrance on Route 107 (along with your campus ID) to gain entry. If a student is coming with a parent for an appointment, please have them complete a paper copy of the COVID-19 Daily Screening Form and bring it with them when you come.

While New York State has done well in lessening the impact of COVID-19 locally, our work is not done. To date, more than 177,000 Americans have died related to COVID-19. Further information on COVID-19 can is available from the Centers for Disease Control.

Remember to visit the Owning Our Future Through the COVID-10 Pandemic website for complete details on the college’s Fall 2020 re-start.

Good luck and good health to all for fall 2020!