Students are Our #1 Priority

Usama Shaikh portraitAt the State University of New York at Old Westbury, our # 1 priority is students.  We fully recognize that you have selected Old Westbury because of the stellar education Old Westbury students receive and the value of an Old Westbury degree when you enter the workforce.  We also realize that beyond academics there are other components critical to ensuring your college career is a meaningful one.  That’s where the Division of Student Affairs comes in.

Student Affairs at Old Westbury is a comprehensive division committed to supporting student development, engagement and learning.  We offer numerous student-centered programs and services.  We invite students, as well as their families, to learn more about the excellent opportunities available within the Division of Student Affairs. 

It’s been well documented that getting involved with campus activities is pivotal to maximizing the college experience.  Campus involvement has the extraordinary capability to expand one’s horizons by exposing students to new ideas, new possibilities and new ways of thinking. Involved students tend to have a greater sense of self and are better equipped to handle life’s many challenges. Other benefits include developing and refining communication and leadership skills, creating life-long relationships and being inspired to give back to the community and work toward a continually improved environment. 

Student Affairs is deeply vested in creating an atmosphere wherein students not only succeed, but excel.  From initial interest in the College at Old Westbury to graduation and beyond, we are committed to empowering students to set a positive course for the future. We dedicate ourselves to making your time at Old Westbury an enriching, transformative and enjoyable college career.

Usama M. Shaikh
Vice President for Student Affairs