Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

    RHA is the residential governing student body whose purpose is to stimulate leadership and development through education, advocacy, and community growth. RHA is committed to creating a more enjoyable residential experience and developing an environment that is welcoming to all students that reside in the Woodlands Halls. RHA Executive Board elections are hosted at the end of every Spring semester. During this time you may follow the link this to find out more information about position descriptions and responsibilities.

  • For more information on how to run or get involved please contact RHD Ashley at VELTRIA [at] or any of the current RHA Executive Board members.

Residence Hall Councils (RHC)

    Working with RHA, there is one RHC per Residential Hall. The RHC's meet weekly to address residency issues, plan events, participate in community service and coordinate other events in collaboration with RHA. RHC provides students with opportunities to develop and refine their leadership skills and work to enhance the residential students overall college experience through programming and support.  RHC Executive Board elections are hosted in the Fall semester in each individual hall. 

  • For more information on how to get involved or to run please contact your RHD in your building.


 Responsibilities of the Executive Director of Communication include:

  1. Shall moderate and organize weekly Executive Board, Presidential Committee, and General Body meetings
  2. Shall have the authority to call meetings with the Residence Hall Association and Residence Hall Council Executive Boards
  3. Shall work with other Residence Hall Association Executives to make sure Residence Halls Council members are fulfilling the duties of their offices
  4. Shall serve as a representative for SUNY Old Westbury at NACURH/NEACURH meetings
  5. Shall be part of the discussion for the appointment of the President’s representation for NACURH and NEACURH when not in attendance of said conferences
  6. Shall complete 4 hours in the Residence Hall Association office weekly on a scheduled basis
  7. Shall meet weekly with the Residence Hall Association Advisor
  8. Shall meet monthly with the Director of Residential Life
  9. Responsible to serve as a liaison between the Student Government Association, Center for Student Leadership and Involvement, Residence Hall Association, and the Office of Residential Life
  10. Responsible for attending Student Government Association meetings and reporting the necessary information to the Residence Hall Association Executive Board and the Residence Hall Association weekly meetings and all COCO meeting
  11. Responsible for taking the concerns of residential students to Student Government Association
  12. Shall recruit new members to the General Board of Residence Hall Association through a recruitment plan
  13. Shall serve as a Hall Buddy
  14. Shall be responsible for organizing the Residence Hall Association office and ensure its maintenance
  15. Responsible for the distribution of promotional items to residential community and the SUNY Old Westbury community at large
  16. Collaborates with the Office of Residential Life staff for approval of any promotional flyers or brochures
  17. Works in conjunction with the Presidential Committee (as necessary) to create brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, and other materials as needed to promote events and programs
  18. Shall maintain all of the Residence Hall Association social media accounts
  19. Shall be responsible for maintaining the Residence Hall Association advocacy projects