People - Residential Life

Director of Residential Life

  • Name:  Gareth Shumack
  • Email:  shumackg [at]

The Director of Residential Life is responsible for the overall administration of the residence halls. This includes the management of the budget planning and implementation, staff recruitment, supervision of the residential judicial system, facilities management and residential programming. The Director is also responsible for enhancing the depth of student development thrust in all aspects the Office's operations. The director's office is located in Campus Center, Room K-100.

Assistant Director 

  • Name:  Mercy Mathew
  • Email:  mathewm [at]

The Assistant Director is charged with the responsibility of the housing operations of the office. This includes room assignments, coordinating necessary repairs and improvements with facilities staff, managing the opening and closing of the residence halls and the day-to-day supervision of the Residential Life operations. The Assistant Director assists the Director in budget preparation, furniture purchases and the smooth operation of the residence halls programs.The assistant director's office is located in Campus Center, Room K-100.

Office Manager 

  • Name:  Morgan Russell
  • Email:  RussellM [at]

The Office Manager is charged with the responsibility of the front desk in the Office of Residential Life.  This includes but is not limited to both walk in and phone inquiries involving housing operations, room assignments, coordinating necessary repairs and improvements with facilities staff, assisting with basic housing and meal charges on student accounts and the day-to-day oversight of office to staff communication.  The office managers desk is located in Campus Center, Room K-100.

Resident Hall Directors

Residence Hall Directors (RHDs) are full time live-in professional staff members who are responsible for the daily operation of the residence halls. They have the responsibility to assist in conflict resolution, counseling, advising and supervising the administrative functions of their respective halls and community office operations. Each RHD has significant experience and training in the areas of crisis intervention, counseling and advising, mediation, and residence hall management. The RHDs offices are located by the main entrance of each residence hall. Residence Hall Directors conduct and schedule daytime and evening office hours Monday through Friday. 

Woodlands Hall 1
Name: Kya Simmons
Title: Residence Hall Director 
Email: SimmonsK [at] 
Location: First Floor, Woodlands 1
Phone: 516-876-4721
Woodlands Hall 2
Name: Sophia Anselmo
Title: Residence Hall Director
Email: AnselmoS [at] 
Location: First Floor, Woodlands 2
Phone: 516-876-4722
Woodlands Hall 3
Name: Office of Residential Life 
Title: Residence Hall Director
Email: reslife [at]
Location: First Floor, Woodlands 3
Phone: 516-876-4723
Woodlands Hall 4
Name: Ashley Veltri
Title: Residence Hall Director
Email: VeltriA [at] 
Location: First Floor, Woodlands 4
Phone: 516-876-4724
Woodlands Hall 5
Name: Office of Residential Life 
Title: Residence Hall Director
Email: reslife [at]
Location: First Floor, Woodlands 5
Phone: 516-876-4725


Resident Assistants (RA)

Your Resident Assistant (RA) can be one of the most helpful and resourceful people you will interact with at SUNY College at Old Westbury. These individuals are full-time, academically successful students who have been carefully selected because of their leadership potential, interpersonal skills, positive attitudes and sense of commitment to promoting a living/learning environment. As peers, the RA’s provide general information, referral help and models of successful adjustment to college living. They also assist you with roommate conflicts and plan educational, social and cultural programs and activities. RA's complete extensive and ongoing training to fulfill their many roles and responsibilities such as planning of wing  meetings, creating activities for residents, providing evening residence hall duty coverage, arranging study groups and/or answering specific questions regarding academic or college policies and procedures.