Residential Life

Rear of Woodlands Residence Halls with spring flowers in bloomAt Old Westbury, your education isn't limited to the time you spend in the classroom. Our entire campus becomes a place for you to continue growing and learning. That is especially true for resident students.

Approximately 800 Old Westbury students live on campus.  As a residential student, you'll learn what it's like to live with people from different walks of life. You'll enjoy a sense of independence, yet be introduced to the responsibility that comes with being part of a larger community. Best of all, you'll have great experiences and make friends that you keep for life!

SP 20 - Room Change and Consolidation Process 

- Please note that only RHD can authorize room changes and coordinate consoidations. Unauthorized room changes will not be recognized and will require student sto return to their original room placements
- Students who are approved for a room change or are coordinated a consolidation must comply with the timeline.  Failure to comply can result in further actions including and not limited to financial charges and/or judicial sancitons.  
RHD Name  Halls  E-Mail  E-Mail 
Kya Simmons Woodlands Hall 1 SimmonsK [at] 516.876.4721
Sophia Anselmo Woodlands Hall 2 AnselmoS [at] 516.876.4722
Kya Simmons Woodlands Hall 3 SimmonsK [at] 516.876.4723
Ashley Veltri Woodlands Hall 4 VeltriA [at] 516.876.4724
Christina Pastor Woodlands Hall 5 PastorC [at] 516.876.4725

Academic Calendar - Fall 2019

Date Academic Event
Jan 20 2020 - 10:00am to 4:00pm Residence Halls open; Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday observed; no classes; offices closed
Jan 21 2020 (All day) to Jan 27 2020 (All day) Add/Drop (no fee)/Late Registration ($50 fee) on the Web (
Jan 21 2020 (All day) Classes begin
Feb 12 2020 (All day) Lincoln’s Birthday – classes in session; offices minimally staffed
Feb 17 2020 (All day) President’s Day – no classes; offices closed
Mar 2 2020 (All day) Applications for graduation (Registrar’s office) due from candidates who expect to complete requirements by May 2020
Mar 2 2020 (All day) Advising begins in department offices for Fall 2020 registration (By appointment)
Mar 9 2020 (All day) to Mar 14 2020 (All day) Mid-term week
Mar 14 2020 (All day) Dining Hall closes after breakfast
Mar 14 2020 (All day) to Mar 20 2020 (All day) Spring recess
Mar 21 2020 (All day) Saturday Classes Resume
Mar 22 2020 (All day) Dining Hall reopens for dinner
Mar 23 2020 (All day) Classes resume
Mar 25 2020 (All day) Mid-term grades due
Apr 6 2020 (All day) Fall 2020 registration for Seniors on the Web (
Apr 9 2020 (All day) Fall 2020 registration for juniors on the Web (
Apr 13 2020 (All day) Fall 2020 registration for sophomores on the Web (
Apr 16 2020 (All day) Fall 2020 registration for freshmen on the Web (
Apr 17 2020 (All day) Continual registration for Fall 2020for all students on the Web (
Apr 30 2020 (All day) Honors Convocation – classes cancelled from 2 P.M. – 6 P.M.
May 6 2020 (All day) Make-up /Study Day for Monday/Wednesday
May 7 2020 (All day) Make-up /Study Day for Tuesday/Thursday
May 9 2020 (All day) to May 15 2020 (All day) Examinations week (Grades due 48 hours after final examination)
May 15 2020 (All day) Spring semester ends after last examination
May 15 2020 (All day) Residence halls close at 10 P.M. for undergraduates
May 17 2020 (All day) Commencement
May 17 2020 (All day) Graduating students check out of Residence Halls at 3 P.M.


Office of Residential Life
Campus Center, Room K-100
Phone: 516-876-3210
Fax:  516-876-3060