Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is a student run organization that unites and inspires students to succeed in life. We provide an atmosphere where we advocate, educate, and serve all students at SUNY Old Westbury. SGA inspires future student leaders to create organizations for the student body, discover unfound talents and cultivate creative thinking for the betterment of the Old Westbury community. Through student involvement, SGA dedicates its operation to the enhancement of the college experience. The SGA has the power to do anything lawful, everything reasonable, necessary, proper, suitable and convenient to protect the welfare of the student body.

The leadership of the SGA is elected annually through a campus-wide student vote. Students are elected in accordance with SGA bylaws to serve in the positions of:

  • SGA President/ Chief Executive Officer
  • Executive Vice President
  • Chief Financial Officer 
  • Director Of Clubs & Organizations
  • Director Of Programming
  • Director Of Communications
  • Executive Secretary/Statistician
  • 5 Campus Life Senators
  • 5 Academic Senators

Following Campus Activities Board positions are appointed by the SGA President:

  • Late Night Programming Chair
  • Weekend Programming Chair
  • Sport & Recreation Chair

Contacting the SGA

The SGA Office is located on the third floor of the Student Union and can be reached at (516) 876-6975. Additionally, information on forming a club, association by-laws, and more can be found the on the SGA website. Also, check out their recent happenings on Instagram!

Message from SGA President

My name is Kalief Metellus and I am honored to serve the SUNY College at Old Westbury Community as the 2019-2020 Student Government Association President. I abide by advocating for what the students believe in therefore I’ve taken the initiative to include the student body in every decision I make. As the liaison between Administration and the Student Body, I hope to unite us all and provide an even more productive and positive community for every party involved in SUNY College at Old Westbury. As President I have many goals that I would like to accomplish to better student life. Goals that I would like to accomplish during my tenure is getting computers in the dorms,  extended library hours,  allocating funding to the food pantry, the panther card to work off campus, parties restored on campus, concerts, more programming etc.  We as students need to come together to get changes that we want to see made to better our college experience. We must be advocates of change. We as students should turn our complaints into initiative. We need to address our problems with solutions. It is the sum of us together that will truly make a difference. Let’s work together as a community for the betterment of student life and for the success of SUNY College at Old Westbury.

Lastly, our office is located in the Student Union Suite 309, come visit us and learn more about the Student Government Association and the Campus Activities Board.


Kalief Metellus

Student Government Association, President