Leadership Opportunities

Learn & lead leadership development certificate program thumbnailLeadership Development Certificate Program

​The LDCP is a college-wide program that is open to all majors and all class years.  We've collaborated with offices throughout the campus to give you a comprehensive leadership program to enhance your resume and make you a more marketable future employee.  

​Certificate Levels:

  • Attend 10 sessions - Bronze Level Certificate
  • Attend 20 sessions - Silver Level Certificate
  • Attend 30 sessions - Gold Level Certificate

Each level comes with a letter of support stating the student learning outcomes to help in your job search!

Complete at your own pace! Take a semester or 4 years!​ See Spring 2019 Sessions here.

As students move through the levels of the LDCP, we expect and anticipate that they will exhibit the following competencies and move from emerging to proficient to mastering.

  • An improved ability to effectively communicate and work with a diverse group of staff, faculty, and peers;
  • A connection and application of knowledge in order to advance their academic, personal, and professional growth;
  • Critical and reflective thinking in relation to self and others including making decisions and solving problems;
  • The ability to effectively manage and prioritize personal affairs such as financial literacy, purposeful goal setting, time management, self-reliant behaviors, and accountability;
  • The ability to achieve personal and academic goals; 
  • The ability to imagine, create, and see connections; and
  • Show initiative in acquiring effective communication skills, accepting and utilizing direction and feedback, and demonstrate professionalism.


Jamie B. Jones
Associate Director
Department:Center for Student Leadership and Involvement
Building: Student Union
Room: 309
Phone: (516) 876-3939
E-mail: dresherj [at] oldwestbury.edu