Five Ways to Get Connected on Campus

  1. Join a student organization or club! There are over 60 organizations through the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement that include academic/career focused, cultural, and social/common interests organizations. You can also join the Student Government Association. Find more information here: The Center for Student Leadership and Involvement.

  2. Attend campus events! There are over 150 events a month, scheduled at different times and days. Common Hour, which is 12pm to 1pm during the week where no classes are scheduled, is a very popular time for meetings and events. COMMUTERS ARE WELCOME AT EVERY EVENT, even those in the evening and held in the residential halls.

  3. Purchase a Commuter Student Meal Plan! Save money and gain the convenience of not needing to carry around money or head off campus. There are 5 different areas on campus where you can grab a meal or a quick coffee, including Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks!

  4. Attend a sporting event! Express your Panther Pride by watching one of our 13 Division III athletic teams. Hint: big games usually have free giveaways!

  5. Leave your legacy!  Find something that you are passionate about and run with it. If you have an idea for an event, fundraiser, or cause, let us help you make it happen. Want to do something, but don't see an outlet for it? Start it up! Visit us in the CSLI Office (Student Union Suite 309) and we'll help you make it happen!