The SUNY Old Westbury Emergency Fund

Thank You!

We did it and we should be proud!

I want to thank each and every one of you for your contribution to the Student Emergency Fund. Because of your compassion and sacrifice, we have reached our fund-raising goal of $50,000 and met the deadline to qualify for SUNY’s $50,000 matching contribution.

The Student Emergency Fund provides an economic lifeline for those who have lost jobs, face hunger, homelessness, hardship and unexpected expenses in uncertain times. Now we will have additional capacity to assist our students who have faced, and will continue to face, challenges no other class has ever experienced. 

Your contribution made a difference. Students who may have considered dropping out because they no longer could afford to stay in school, now have an opportunity to continue pursuing their education. On their behalf, I sincerely thank you for stepping up and lending a hand.

At Old Westbury owning our future means taking care of our own.