Teaching and Learning Resources

The objective of the Teaching and Learning Resources Committee is to support excellence in teaching among all ranks of the faculty and to promote excellence in student learning inside and outside the classroom for the campus as a whole.  The activities of the Committee include:

  • Assisting faculty with problems arising from their teaching
  • Organizing workshops focusing on faculty growth
  • The acquisition of knowledge, skills, sensitivities and techniques related to teaching and learning
  • Promoting interdisciplinary exchanges to help understand modes of teaching in one field with possible applications in another    
  • Creating an effective environment for teaching and learning
  • Providing a forum for faculty to discuss and exchange ideas on research
  • Communicating teaching methods, innovative pedagogical practice, and relevant issues to the College as a whole.

For further information on the Teaching for Learning Committee and other resources being made available to faculty of the College, contact Eric Hagan at hagane [at] oldwestbury.edu.