Brain Awareness Week: Neural Correlates of Autobiographical Storytelling.

Brain Awareness Week Faculty Lectures Flyer
Rooom 1100, NAB


Presenter: Dr. Lillian Park, SUNY Old Westbury Department of Psychology

Discussant: Dr. B. Runi Mukherji, SUNY Old Westbury Department of Psychology & SUNY Old Westbury Neuroscience Research Institute

Our understanding of ourselves and our identity stem from our ability to create stories through Origin. The construction of an autobiographical narrative allows us to see ourselves as a single continuous entity across space and time. This talk will explore the mechanisms of autobiographical memory and its neural correlates regarding the narrative of the self, and how disruption in different brain areas can result in impairment and the construction of the autobiographical narratives we form.

Brain Awareness Week exposes students from all majors to an informative snapshot of what the brain is, how it works, and how it can be studied. It also provides students with hands-on activities to appreciate how the brain facilitates our conscious decision making processes and behaviors through topical faculty lectures