"Our Land" Artist's Talk -- Manal Abu-Shaheen and Aisha Mershani

Event date: 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 4:00pm


Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, Campus Center
Child cleaning and immensely tall wall in the Middle East



Noted artists Manal Abu-Shaheen and Aisha Mershani will visit campus to discuss  their careers, perspectives, influences and more as part of the ongoing exhibition, "Our Land," in the Amelie A. Wallace Gallery at SUNY Old Westbury.  Running February 4 through March 13, "Our Land" is composed of photography and video by artists from the Middle East, North Africa, and their diaspora.

Curated by Anthony Hamboussi, photographer and adjunct professor in the Visual Arts Department at SUNY Old Westbury, the exhibition explores intersections of land, power, and politics to question dominant historical narratives and current Western perceptions of the MENA region. Interested in modes of self-representation, "Our Land" presents the work of Arab artists based in or having ancestral ties to the region, to consider landscapes of colonization and postcolonial reconstruction, indigenous land rights, ecological injustice, and war.

For full hours and contact information for the exhibition, visit the Amelie A. Wallace Gallery website.

  • Interrogating the darker histories of landscape photography and “development” in non-Western countries, "Our Land" questions the neutrality of scholarly and scientific landscape image production, and the roles of said images and development in imperialism and domination of the region. The works in "Our Land" were selected for the ways in which they challenge simplistic representations of cultural identity. In turn, the exhibition compels us to reconsider our relationship to the land and its exploitation under advanced capitalism and environmental crisis.

Participating Artists include: Manal Abu-ShaheenMoath AlofiYoussef ChahineFouad ElKoury, Rana ElNemrAnthony HamboussiRhea KaramRania Lee KhalilYazan KhaliliAisha MershaniCamille Zakharia.