The Children’s Sangha: Self-Regulated Strategy Development for Writing Workshop

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Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm


Room 1100, New Academic Building
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Christine Keller, M.A., M.S.Ed. and Chava Blitzer, Director of the Chai Center Middle and High School Academy for Special Learning Needs will facilitate a workshop on Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) for Writing, a research-based approach developed by Harris & Graham to assist learners of all ages who struggle with the writing process.

  • Parents… SRSD is an approach that works for kids with learning disabilities and differences (i.e., Dysgraphia)!
  • Educators… This approach does not replace but enhances what you are already doing with tools to reach all students!
  • Students… Using SRSD is a way to use your interests and strengths to enable writing success in a meaningful way!

We are privileged to have Dr. Andrew Hashey, SUNY Old Westbury – Exceptional Education & Learning faculty member, Dr. Gretchn Hanser, Educational Consultant / Occupational Therapist provide an introduction to SRSD in addition to hands-on breakout sessions for participants.

Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) for Writing…

  • Integrates all major learning theories (social cognitive, constructivist and behavioral)
  • Offers practical strategies to help readers and writers strengthen their ability to learn in social contexts, be strategic, engage in purposeful discovery and become independent thinkers.
  • Foregrounds writing as a window into thinking and as a way to develop the kind of critical thinking behind the reading standards. Strong, creative, critical thinking, leads to rich writing and vice versa.
  • Enables students to take charge of how they self-regulate their thought processes in ways that equip students with powerful voice and agency.
  • Uses a 6-stage gradual release framework. Not a program, SRSD is a set of practices that empower teachers to enhance how they already teach literacy, and develop the self-regulation students need to be in charge of their literacy lives.
  • While tools and lesson plans are available merely to help teachers get started, SRSD is meant to be customized and transformed to integrate with and enhance teachers’ current best practices.
  • Meaning drives reading and writing in SRSD. Students are supported in self-regulating how they make meaning and communicate those with varied scaffolds that are removed as soon as our students become independent, fluid thinkers.

Donation of $15 to The Children’s Sangha for General Public / NO FEE for SUNY OW Faculty, Staff or Students!

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