Radio Show

Each Wednesday from 3pm to 4pm, the Student Escape Corner hosts a radio show on OWWR (Old Westbury Radio) called “Living Clean and Sober”!

Hosted by Blanca Schneider, her co-host Treasurer of the Peer Educators Luis Solano, Stony Brook Graduate intern Morgan Mecalianos, and an Old Westbury intern, we discuss a range of topics all related to substance use and abuse. Each week, the show welcomes a different guest speaker to share their experiences with and take on substance abuse and use specifically related to college students. Our speakers provide helpful tips and advice from staying safe to meditation techniques.

Click here to tune-in or call (516) 876-4964 during our timeslot to share your thought, opinions, or questions on the week’s topic!

**If you or someone you know are interested in being a guest speaker, please contact Blanca Schneider at or Morgan Mecalianos at**