Individual & Group Sessions

Individual Sessions

When a student meets with one of our educators for an individual sessions, it is a non-judgmental and non-confrontational space where students can be open about problems they are facing. Here are a few things they can expect!

A brief assessment to evaluate the student’s alcohol and drug related behaviors and attitudes. We ask the same questions to everyone so no need to panic!

Validated instruments are used to help us determine if a student has a drinking problem

Educators use a BASICS approach program which uses a motivational interviewing style. In other words, we aim to reduce drug consumption, prevent further involvement in drug use and facilitate informed choice by encouraging students to talk about their own interest in considering and/or making change, using their own words to talk about the desire to change, and strengthen the commitment to change unhealthy behaviors and attitudes.

About The Sessions

There are three individual sessions

We start with an assessment covering alcohol and other drug use history, reason for referral, personal and family history, drinking patterns, health concerns, safety concerns, and consequences associated with substance use/abuse. Educators will also evaluate the student’s readiness and motivation to change and create behavior change goal

Educators will provide feedback about personal risk factors and recommendations about ways to moderate drinking and drugging. We work with students to reveal the discrepancy between risky drinking behaviors, goals and values of the student, help the student achieve self-efficacy, a sense of optimism, and importance of taking personal responsibility for positive change options.

The last session the educator and student discuss what they have learned from the individual and group session and how they can maintain the changes they had made to live a healthier and safer life!

Group Sessions

Making a change is never easy and the Student Escape Corner provides group sessions for all students! Our most popular group session is our “Drums Not Drugs” Group where we use “drumming” in treatment for alcohol use / abuse. Drumming is believed to increase brain waves associated with relaxation, drowsiness and meditated states, it may reduce stress and anxiety, and it can be used as a substitute for drugs and alcohol.

Each group session, we have a special guest speaker come and discuss their experiences and unique take on drugs and alcohol. Speakers are from AA, NA, MADD, and University police.

**If you or someone you know are interested in joining the group or being a guest speaker, please contact Blanca Schneider at or Morgan Mecalianos at**