22-23 Winter Closing Residence Halls

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· 11/14/22 (MON): Winter Break Housing/ Classes applications available at the Office of Residential Life (ORL)(CC K-100)

· 12/8/22 (MON): Winter Bills are Due to Bursar

· 12/12/22 (MON): 24-hour quiet hours begin at 10AM through closing

· 12/15/22 (THURS) -12/21/22 (WED): FINALS WEEK

· 12/16/22 (FRI): Winter Break Housing/ Classes applications are due to ORL by Noon.

· 12/16/22 (FRI): Housing License Release Application due to ORL by Noon

· 12/21/22 (WED): Last meal swipe at cafeteria @ 8PM; can use cash or credit or points after that

· 12/21/22 (WED): Halls Close @ 10PM; graduating seniors, transferring, and those not returning must complete a Residence Hall License Agreement Release Application Request”

· 01/03/23 (TUES): Winter check-in is at the residence halls. All students must provide “Approved Emails from Bursar” to move in.

· 1/3/23 (MON): Winter Classes Begin



All Residence Halls will CLOSE on WED, DEC 21 @ 10PM for the Fall 2022 semester.  Residents MUST check out of their rooms 24-hours after their LAST EXAM OR NO LATER THAN WED, DEC 21 @ 10PM Students who do not comply with these guidelines can potentially face additional charges to their student accounts.  You are required to turn in your SUITE &/OR ROOM AND MAILBOX KEYS before leaving campus for the Fall 2022 semester.

International students must BE PRE-APPROVED by International Student Advisor, Becky Evans, for Winter Break @ 876.3906 or EvansB@oldwestbury.edu

Per NCAA regulations, Student Athletes must be  PRE-APPROVED for Winter Break. Please contact Lenore Walsh, Director of Athletics, at her E-mail Walshle@oldwestbury.edu

To avoid unnecessary charges, keys must be returned to the staff through one of the following options:

 1. Going to the RA Offices between 10AM—10PM.

2. or by setting up an individual appointment with your respective RA.


Þ Take home all valuables including computers, books, money, clothing medications, etc. & anything you might need over the break (You will not be permitted back into the building over the break).

Þ Close & lock all room windows. Close your room blinds only 2/3 of the way.

Þ Defrost, unplug and  remove all perishable foods from your fridge and room 24 hrs in advance. 

Þ Take all the trash to the outside dumpsters.

Þ Turn off/ unplug all alarm clocks, room lights & electronics

Þ Woodlands ONLY: Leave room heating/ cooling units on AUTO.

Þ Lock your room door before you leave.

Þ Remember to turn your keys in to your RA or the RA Office before you leave.  


Þ PLEASE NOTE: Failure to return your keys to the RA office will result in forfeiture of the key deposit ($110.00)

 Once the halls have closed, RAs and RDs will be conducting final room and common  checks to look for any issues



24 HOUR QUIET HOURS: effective MON, DEC 12 at 10AM until WED, DEC 21


· Non-approved residence hall students, as well as outside guests, are not allowed in the halls during this time. Trespassers will be arrested. 

· Student(s) found causing a disruption or breaking housing policies in the halls, including, but not limited to, parties, noise violation and/ or         non-compliance with Res-Life staff requests will be IMMEDIATELY REMOVED from the residence halls.

· Students will have to arrange their own alternate housing arrangements regardless of any remaining finals during this time. 




· Winter Mini Session classes run from Tues, Jan 3 through Fri, Jan 21, 2023.  All students interested in living in the halls for Winter Classes must fill out the Winter Break Housing/ Winter Classes Application available @ ORL (CC, K-100).

· PLEASE NOTE: Heat will be minimize over the break due to low occupancy of the halls. 

· PLEASE NOTE: International Students & Athletic students staying over the break must be PRE-APPROVED by their respective offices to reside in the halls for the Winter Break.

· You MUST CLEAR all financial holds on your account before moving into the Residence Halls.


WINTER HOUSING RATES: Varies according to rates /per wk



1. Go to the Office of Residential Life and fill out a Winter Break Housing/ Winter Classes Application

2. PAYMENT IN FULL FOR BOTH CLASS & HOUSING by Thurs, Dec 8, 2022 at the Bursar’s Office.  An APPROVED EMAIL FROM THE BURSAR OFFICE must be received by the Office of Residential Life when you come to confirm your Spring housing by no later than Fri, Dec 16, 2022 by Noon.  



Office #: 516.876.3210

Fax #: 516.876.3060




3         516.736.2293

4         516.736.2292

5            516.736.2317

AV         516.736.2315


The Residence Hall License Agreement you signed at the start of the Fall 2022 semester is binding for the academic year (both Fall and Spring semesters). For ALL & ANY situations where a student may not be returning to the halls, Office of Residential Life must have documentation. 

You must be PRE-APPROVED by the ORL to avoid having Spring housing charges on your account. Student who are in a pending status or are not sure if they will be returning for the Spring semester are strongly encouraged to take all their items home to avoid coming back over Winter Break to complete their move. 

You must follow the instructions listed below. 

A.) Please note the conditions in the Residence Hall License Agreement which would pre-approve your release from your contract including graduating at the end of the Fall semester, transferring to another institution, or not attending school in Spring 2023. Please read section C below for further details.

B.) Go to the Office of Residential Life (CC, K-100) and fill out a “Residence Hall License Agreement Release Application Request” form.

C.) As the review is done by a committee, we strongly encourage students to fill out the paperwork properly and provide ALL the necessary documentation.  Please note: THIS FORM IS ONLY A REQUEST AND NOT A GUARANTEED CANCELLATION.


D.) CHECK OUT INSTRUCTIONS (regardless of pending or approved status):

1. Complete all appropriate documentation & turn in the “Residence Hall License Agreement Release App” to ORL by Fri, 12/16/22 by Noon

2. Completely vacate your current residence hall room  24 HOURS AFTER LAST EXAM OR NO LATER THAN WED, DEC 21 @ 10PM (whichever comes first).  We strongly encourage you to bring one other person to assist with the move. 

3. Remove all personal items from the room (clothing, food, fridge, carpets, etc).

4. Clear your room as necessary including taking all garbage out to the dumpsters. 

5. Set up a check out time with your RA. Failure to return your keys to the RA  office, will result in forfeiture of key deposits ($110.00).                  

6. Complete the check out paperwork including your RIF

7. Return both your Room and Mailbox Keys.

8. RAs & RDS will conduct room checks again when building is closed.




There will be limited access to the mailroom and package deliveries.

 ¨ Please have deliveries sent to a more appropriate location

 ¨ Personal packages will be returned to the sender after 5 business days

 ¨ We are asking residents that all deliveries of personal packages, online orders and other mail be halted until the Spring Semester begins again on Tues, Jan 25, 2023.  Please note that the College assumes no responsibility for missing or returned packages


Spring 2022 Bills Due - THURS, JAN 12, 2023


All students must clear their financial holds before the deadline to avoid having BOTH CLASSES & HOUSING dropped from your accounts.  Failure to clear your accounts will also keep you from being able to move into the halls in the Spring. 

 Bursar Office #(516) 876-3168

 Dates are subject to change.  Residents are responsible to meet all financial requirements prior to entering the halls.