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Are you on your Path to Academic and Career Excellence?

Your path to graduation and your career and life goals has support along the way.  You are not alone on this journey. There are key steps you can take that will empower you, encourage you and get you to graduation with confidence for the future. How do you get on the path to academic and career excellence?  Make the plan, use the college supports and begin!

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Stops on The Path

Top reasons to go to Class

Academic Advising

Why stop here?  It is your first stop to success.  Discuss your major and a possible minor.  Create your degree path so you are taking the right courses at the right time.  Get information about other college services.  

Career Development 

Why stop here? Start thinking about your resume and how to present yourself to an employer.  

Faculty Mentorship

Why stop here?  Find a faculty member for academic and career guidance.  You will benefit from their experience and recommendations.

Academic Support Services

Why stop here?  Get insight from someone who has taken that tough course.  Learn study skills and test taking tips.  Turn not only a D to C but a B to A.

College Community Involvement

Why stop here?  Get involved in the the student organizations.  Even if you commute or work and time is short, connecting with other students can be not only valuable but fun.

Health and Counseling Services

Why stop here?  Don't forget you.  Take care of yourself and take advantage of professionals on campus who can help you with stress and personal issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

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