Majors and Programs - Sociology

Bachelor of Arts

The B.A. in Sociology requires 90 liberal arts credits.  In addition to satisfying all College requirements for graduation, students wishing to receive a Bachelor's degree in Sociology must complete 10 courses.  Up to three of these (Intro Sociology and two electives) may be satisfied with transfer credit if the courses have been passed with a grade of C or better.  The course... Read more

Bachelor of Science

The Criminology major is offered by the Sociology Department and draws extensively from sociology. The major in criminology leads to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree.The Major offers students an understanding of crime and delinquency and evaluates the utility of various crime control methods, includ- ing legislative policies, policing, incarcerations, as well as preventive and restorative... Read more
The B.S. in Sociology degree program requires students to complete 60 credits in the liberal arts, rather than the 90-credit requirement of the College's B.A. in Sociology offering.  In practical terms, this means that students with many credits from technical schools, teacher education programs or business schools often opt for the B.S. in Sociology.In addition to satisfying all College... Read more