Majors and Programs - Mathematics, Computer & Information Science

Bachelor of Science

Students in this program earn a degree in both Mathematics and Adolescence Education.Candidates successfully completing this program of study are recommended by the College at Old Westbury to New York State for initial certification as Adolescence Education (grades 7-12) teachers. The School of Education Mathematics Education coordinator is responsible for advising and approving... Read more
The Computer and Information Science degree is a course of study that is both academically rigorous and practically sound. The distinction is important in light of the large gap that exists between most colleges’ curriculum in this field and the needs of the computer industry. Driven by cost-cutting pressures and by the effects of downsizing, companies expect their new employees to be ready to... Read more
The MIS degree program prepares students as technical managers who can rise to serve in various capacities in an business, government, not-for-profit or other enterprise, beginning their careers in positions such as System Analysts.The goal of the MIS program is to give students both a firm grounding in information processing as well as in business fundamentals. Therefore, MIS majors take a broad... Read more
The study of mathematics develops one’s ability to express one’s thoughts clearly and precisely, to reason logically, and to analyze and solve problems algorithmically. The analysis and design of efficient algorithms —that is, sets of rules used for computation — is fundamental to problem solving in both mathematics and computer science.The Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics prepares... Read more


Advanced Certificate Programs in Adolescence Education (7-12): Biology, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and SpanishThe programs are designed for candidates who already have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree and who seek New York State Certification in one of the following areas: Biology, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Spanish, grades 7-12.Admission... Read more

Master of Arts in Teaching

Adolescence brings many challenges and adjustments for students in grades 7-12.  Central to the success of these students are teachers armed with the knowledge, skills and commitment to student development that, when combined, foster achievement.To prepare teacher-candidates for professional initial certification for careers in middle and high school education, SUNY College at Old Westbury... Read more

Master of Science

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