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Campus Radio Station Logo OWWR, Old Westbury Web Radio is the official radio station of the State University of New York at Old Westbury. OWWR provides students, faculty, alumni, and community volunteer programming that broadcasts online, and on-campus through the closed circuit cable system, channel 3.1. OWWR is a variety station that features News, Sports, Talk, and offers a wide variety of music programming. OWWR acts in the interest convenience and necessity of the public, entertaining both on and off campus communities. OWWR is the official radio station for coverage of the SUNY College at Old Westbury Panthers.   Contact OWWR at 516-876-7502 or via email at radio [at] (subject: OWWR%20Information%20Request) .

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OWTV, Old Westbury Television is the campus television station at the SUNY Old Westbury. Students are introduced to all elements of television production including cameras, lighting, pre and postproduction, television script writing and much more. Students learn how to report, shoot, and edit in order to make news packages and cover campus wide events. Students also conduct live and pre-recorded programming from the TV Studio that broadcasts online. OWTV is carried on the campus television system on channel 3.2. Contact OWTV at 516-876-2793 or via email at owtv [at]


Twitter: OldWestTV  |  YouTube: OldWestburyTV

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The Catalyst newspaper is the outlet for students at the SUNY Old Westbury. Published monthly, the Catalyst serves as both the voice of the student body and as a training ground for aspiring journalists. Students involved in “The Catalyst” are given the opportunity to write about and cover a variety of news events and issues occurring both on and off campus. Contact The Catalyst at 516-876-3208 or via email at owcatalystwriters [at]

Website:  |  Instagram: owcatalyst | Twitter: @OWCatalyst