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Campus Radio Station Logo OWWR, Old Westbury Web Radio is the official radio station of SUNY Old Westbury, on the air streaming audio and video 24/7. OWWR provides student, alumni, faculty, staff, and community volunteer programming that broadcasts only online, and via any wireless device, tablet, or smart home devices. OWWR is a variety station that features news, sports, talk, and offers a wide variety of music programming. OWWR acts in the interest convenience and necessity of the public, educating, informing, and entertaining the global community. OWWR is the official radio station for coverage of the SUNY Old Westbury Panthers. OWWR as a multimedia facility is dedicated to ensure that the students of SUNY Old Westbury are provided the opportunity to acquire transferable skills that can be demonstrated by identifying their engagement and comprehension in all 3 phases of production through a variety of exposure, as we foster their individual and collective growth. In conjunction with the mission of our college, OWWR is an active member in the community. Our student staff members represent their respective academic programs, where they implement their critical thinking skills and creativity with live news, sports, and educational webcasts on campus, and in local communities, as seen on-line. Contact OWWR at 516-876-7502 or via email at radio [at] (subject: OWWR%20Information%20Request) .

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Media Innovation Center (MIC) is the new home of OWTV! MIC is the center for new media and engaging video journalism content. We care about the diversity in media production, and aim for reaching out to this goal. MIC provides the SUNY Old Westbury community with various forms of media; including informative news programs, entertainment shows, short documentaries, engaging shows, student-produced video projects, and more! OWTV, Old Westbury Television is the campus television station at the SUNY Old Westbury. Students are introduced to all elements of television production including cameras, lighting, pre and postproduction, television scriptwriting and much more. All MIC and OWTV content (Past & Present) can be viewed from our Youtube channel. Contact OWTV at (516) 876-2793 or email at: owtv [at]

YouTube: OldWestburyTV | MIC Facebook | MIC Instagram

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The Catalyst newspaper and website serve as both the voice of the student body and as a training ground for aspiring journalists. Students involved in The Catalyst cover the news, write reviews, and offer opinion about events and issues occurring both on and off campus. Contact The Catalyst at 516-876-3208 or via email at owcatalystwriters [at]

Website:  |  Instagram: owcatalyst | Twitter: @OWCatalyst