Need to find alumni?

Are you looking for an Old Westbury alumnus or alumna? We can help!  

Alumni Links

The Office of Alumni Affairs works to link alumni who are seeking to get back in touch with their classmates.  Send via regular mail or email your name, the class year in which you graduated, your student ID number, and your current contact information.  Also be sure to send the names of those alumni you seek, the years in which they graduated, and the programs from which they graduated to:

  • By Mail:
    Office of Alumni Affairs
    SUNY Old Westbury
    P.O. Box 210
    Old Westbury, NY 11568-0210
  • By Email:
    chinp [at]

We will forward your request to the alumni you seek and work to get you back in touch. 

Social Media

During the past few years, social media has become a great outlet for connecting with new and old friends alike.  Old Westbury alumni have proved to have a huge presence on these social media sites and we invite you to join thousands of your fellow alumni through the following sites: