Campus Printing

The Campus Print Shop is located in the K-Section of the Campus Center Building.

Duplication Timelines/Production Schedules 

The Print Shop will accept requests for only 25 or more copies. If the job is less than 25 copies, it should be completed using departmental copiers. The term "duplication" refers to those projects where photocopying is required for classroom or office use. All standard copyright laws apply to materials duplicated on campus and, in some cases, the department or individual requesting duplication will be asked to provide evidence of a publisher's consent for the reproduction of their work. Materials are duplicated in as timely fashion as possible.

Please use the following schedule as a starting point in planning your use of the Campus Print Shop.

Number of Impressions


25 to 2,500


2,500 to 10,000


10,000 to 20,000


20,000 to 30,000


Over 30,000



Campus Center Print Shop
Campus Center, Room K-101
Phone: 516-876-3234
Email:  printshop [at]