Office of Enrollment Services

AIRC The Office of Enrollment Services is responsible for three primary areas of the College:

  • Admissions:  The Office of Admissions conducts all processes related to the recruitment, admittance and entry into the College for undergraduate and graduate students.

  • International Enrollment Services:  The Office of International Enrollment Services coordinates all functions related to the recruitment, entry, and attendance of students from foreign nations, including filing of visas.

  • Study Abroad:   The Office of International Enrollment Services promotes the benefits of study abroad experiences to students and works with interested students to identify the most appropriate experience to complement his or her personal and academic growth. 

The Office of Enrollment Services is dedicated to providing efficient and courteous services to a diverse population of students. We are committed to meeting the needs of those we serve, while in compliance with College, University, State and Federal regulations.  Our team of professionals is comprised of a dynamic and knowledgeable group assisting a global community. 

We are located in the Campus Center Building, Room I-210. 


Acting Vice President, Director of Admissions
Mr. Frank Pizzardi
Telephone: 1-516-876-3013
Fax: 1-516-876-3307
Email: pizzardif [at]