Things to Consider When Choosing Classes

How many classes should I take?

The minimum number of credits to be a full time student is 12, or three four-credit classes.  Many students prefer to take 16 credits, or four four-credit classes.  Bear in mind that students are expected to spend two hours studying and preparing outside of class for every hour spent in the classroom.  A 12 credit course load would require students to spend an additional 24 hours studying outside of class, while a 16 credit course load would require 32 hours of studying.  Students who work long hours or have substantial family commitments may wish to consider a 12 credit course load.

Can I take all my classes on two days?

Many students who commute and work outside of school wish to arrange their schedule so they are only coming to campus two days a week.  While such an arrangement is tempting, it’s not without drawbacks.  Students who try and spend 7-8 hours a day in class often have a very difficult time concentrating by the end of the day. Students also tend to feel more engaged in the Old Westbury community when they are coming to campus more than two days a week.  While two day schedules are sometimes possible, we encourage students to schedule their classes throughout the week.

Can I take classes online?

Courses taught online at Old Westbury will have the designation (NET) when listed online.  Some courses are offered as Hybrid classes (HYB).  Hybrid classes generally meet once a week and expect students to complete the remainder of the coursework online. Blended classes (BLN) are taught partially in the classroom and partially online with an irregular schedule.  Online classes work best for students who are organized, self-motivated and good at working independently.  While students spend less time in the classroom, online and hybrid classes are still demanding.  They require reading, written assignments and participation in online discussion.

Do I meet the prerequisites for the classes I want?

When looking at available classes, students should also pay close attention to the prerequisites listed in the course description.  Students who have not yet earned proficiency in writing (EMS) need to pay special attention to the writing placement courses require.  Most introductory science classes require proficiency in Math. Usually, upper division courses in a department require some introductory coursework as a prerequisite.  If there is a class you need but lack the prerequisites for, an advisor can help you plan your coursework so you fill those prerequisites in a timely manner.