Our Advisees

The Academic Advising Center is available to help all Freshmen, Sophomores, and students who have yet to declare a major.  While upper division students who have declared a major are encouraged to work with a faculty advisor in their major department, we are still available to assist them when needed. 

Entering Freshman

Entering Freshmen are advised during a special orientation session during the summer. Advisors from the Academic Advising Center and First Year Experience Program are available during orientation sessions, as well as faculty members who have been trained to advise new students.

Second Semester Freshmen

Freshman going into their second semester may work with either the Advising Center or First Year Experience Program. When possible, students are encouraged to work with the same advisor who helped them during orientation. 

Rising Sophomores

Students who are getting ready to begin their Sophomore year would be best served by the Academic Advising Center.  Students are required to declare a major once they have completed 42 credits.  Choosing a major and understanding its requirements are important goals for students at this stage of their college career. The Academic Mapping workshops presented by the Advising Center will help students gain a better understanding of how to make steady progress towards completing a major and earning their degree.

Second Semester Sophomores

In the second semester of their Sophomore year, students should be close to finishing their General Education requirements and ready to begin focusing on required courses for their major. The Academic Advising Center will help students at this stage understand exactly what General Education requirements still need to be filled and what courses offered by their major department are appropriate choices.

Upper Division Students

In their Junior and Senior years, students should be working primarily with a faculty member in their major department.  However, the Academic Advising Center is still available to assist upper division students with questions about their coursework and degree requirements.

Transfer Students

Incoming transfer students are advised during a special orientation session prior to their first semester at Old Westbury.  Depending on their class standing, they may work with an advisor from the Academic Advising Center or a faculty member in their major department. New Transfer students often have questions about how the registrar evaluated coursework completed at other schools.  They may be unsure if they have met General Education requirements and proficiency requirements in Writing and Math.  The Academic Advising Center can review the registrar’s evaluation of transfer credits and answer any questions students have.