Academic Advising Center

Academic Advising Center at SUNY Old Westbury

The Academic Advising Center assistants students as they choose a major, plan their coursework, and set educational and career goals.  We offer guidance and support to students and help them take advantage of the resources and opportunities available at Old Westbury.

Spring 2020 Update

The advisors in the Academic Advising Center are still available to meet students virtually for advising and support. Students can also email advising [at] with questions.

We are able to offer advising online through Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams can be accessed either through your Outlook email on a laptop/tablet using or through the Microsoft Teams app which you can download to your smartphone.

If you already have a scheduled advising appointment, please contact your advisor through your OW email for further instructions.

Sophomores and Liberal Arts majors who would like to schedule an academic advising appointment, you may still do so using the appointment scheduling link sent by Yumi Nicholson on 3/02 to your OW email. All appointments will be held virtually through MS Teams unless you contact the advisor for alternative options.

NOTE: Teams does require data or WiFi to run. If you do not have sufficient access to either of these, you may still schedule an appointment but please let the advisor know so you may work out another option for advising.


Online Writing Placement Exam

Arranging the Exam

The Online Writing Placement Exam is by appointment only. To make an appointment to take the Online Writing Exam, please contact Professor Elizabeth Schmermund at schmermunde [at]

and list your availability to take the exam. Please also note if you have any accommodations for extra time. Appointments must be made at least 48 hours before the exam.

Accessing the BlackBoard Writing Proficiency Exam Page

When your exam is scheduled, you will receive notification that you’ve been added to the BlackBoard Writing Proficiency Exam page. To access the page, you need to log on to Old Westbury Connect and then click on the BlackBoard icon. Once in the BlackBoard Writing Proficiency Exam page, you can click on “Placement Exam” in the left-hand menu of the page to take your exam.

Please make sure that you have at least one hour to complete your exam before beginning it. Once you start the exam, you must complete it. You will be asked to fill out information about you (including your student identification number, name, phone number, email address) prior to beginning the essay.

Communication of Results

Results of the exam will be available approximately two days after the exam is taken. You can contact Professor Schmermund with any questions.



Contact Us

Academic Advising Center
Room: 1118A New Academic Building
Phone:  516-876-3044
Email:  Advising [at]

Fax: (516) 876-3145