Women & Gender Studies Minor

Sponsoring departments: American Studies; English; Psychology

Director: Carol Quirke, American Studies, quirkec [at] oldwestbury.edu 516-628-5024

Requirements: The Women and Gender Studies minor requires at least five courses (20 credits), distributed as follows:

Women and Gender Studies is a multidisciplinary field that examines the creation, reconstruction, and perpetuation of asymmetrical sex and gender systems, as well as their connections to other systems of power and inequality. It explores the ways in which gender intersects with women’s and men’s personal identities, heath and well-being, social and cultural arrangements, economic and political systems, and our ways of knowing and understanding the world. The minor examines how ideologies of sex and gender have influenced and been influenced by culture and society; literature and the arts; law and public policy; and health, science, and technology. It closes gaps in traditional higher education resulting from the exclusion of women and other marginalized groups from many fields of study. This program of study empowers students through a feminist critique of social, cultural, and institutional structures that enables them to think more critically about their own lives and that inspires them to work as active citizens for social justice. The knowledge and skills attained from the Women and Gender Studies minor are valuable in such fields as education, social work, art, literature, business, and human resources, scientific research and the health professions, law and public policy, media production, nonprofit advocacy, psychology, and information technology.

Women and Gender Studies Affiliated Faculty: Laura Anker, AS, FYE; Llana Barber, AS; Amanda Frisken, AS; Jasmine Mitchell, AS; Carol Quirke, AS;  Samara Smith, AS; Judy Lloyd, CP; Rita Colon Urban, BS; Marie Metlay, BS;   Linda Camarasana, EL; Jacqueline Emery, EL; Amara Graf, EL; Nicholas Powers, EL Margaret Torrell, EL; Jessica Williams, EL; Edward Bever, HP; Maureen Feder-Marcus, HP; Sylvie Kande, HP; Cristina Notaro, HP, FYE; Caroline Sawyer, HP; Jing-yi Song, HP; Judy Walsh, HP; Sonia Assa, ML; Zenaida Madurka, ML; Kathleen O’Connor-Bater, ML; Carolyn Cocca, PEL; Tom Delgiudice, PEL;  Rebecca Kalmans, PEL; Fetsum-Rahwa Haile, PH; Shijian Li, PH; Martha Livingston, PH; Minna Barrett, PY; Kathy Greenberg, PY; Hedva Lewittes, PY; Ashlee Lien, PY; Laurette Morris, PY; Myeshia Price, PY; Lee Blackstone, SY; Jacob Heller, SY; Diana Papademas, SY; Ryoko Yamamoto, SY; Gilda Zwerman, SY; Tricia McLaughlin, VA; Barbara Olsen, SoB.

A. Foundation Course:

WS1000/AS1512 Introduction to Women’s Studies

B. Three Electives

(selected from at least two of the following three groups)

Group A: History

AS3402 Women, Work and Careers

AS3412 African American Women’s History

AS3462 History of Women in the U.S.

AS348 2History of Love and Sexuality

AS4432 History of the Women’s Movement

HI4420 Women and Witchcraft

HI4850 Domesticity in 19th and 20th Century India

Group B: Literature

EL2222 Women’s Voices

EL4030 Women and Narrative

EL4040 Black Women Writers

EL4050 Lesbian and Gay Literature

ML4450 Hispanic Women Writers (taught in Spanish)

Group C: Social Perspectives

AS3432 Women: Cultural Issues

AS3852 Women and the Media

BU5851 Consumer Behavior

CR4000 Gender, Crime, and Justice

IR3330 Women, Minorities, and the Workplace

PE3450 Women from a Global Perspective

PE4450 Politics of Gender and Sexuality

PH4450 Human Sexuality

PH4610 Women and Health

PY2720 Psychology of Gender

PY4720 Psychology of Women

SY3700 Family and Society

C. WS4900, Internship in Women and Gender Studies
OR WS9990 Independent Study (or one additional elective from Group A, B or C)

Prerequisite: WS1000/AS1512 Introduction to Women’s Studies or equivalent course.

With approval from the Women’s Center’s Academic Director, students may substitute an appropriate internship in the following departments: AS 4202 Internship in Community and Government, EL4100 English Internship, HP3995 Career Internship; HS4900 Health and Society Field Placement; IR 5900 Internship in Industrial/Labor Relations, PE5990 PEL Internship, PY3130 Internship in Applied Psychology, PY4130 Field Experience and Research, SY4270 Internship in Social Work, Sociology and Criminology, VA4900 VA Internship. With approval from the Women’s Center Academic Director, students may substitute an appropriate independent study in the same departments.