Curriculum- Neuropsychology Minor

Requirements for the Minor in Neuropsychology Psychology

Five courses, totaling twenty credits. Only ONE of the courses required for the minor can be counted toward a Departmental major. Students who take classes outside of the neuropsychology minor that qualify for credit within the minor will be determined through DegreeWorks (i.e., BS2300, BS2310, BS2400, BS, 2401, BS4500, SY4520, PH3600, PH4670, PH4680, PH4800, etc.).

  1. Research Methods: One from the group below (4 cr.)
    • PY3010 Research Design & Analysis I
    • SY4520 Research Methods I
    • PH4670 Biostatistics
  2. Foundational Courses: One from the group below (4 cr.)
    • PY3410 Cognitive Psychology
    • PY3420 Learning & Motivation
    • PY3610 Brain & Behavior
    • PY3620 Drugs & Behavior
    • BS 2300-BS 2310 Anatomy and Physiology and Lab
    • BS 2400-BS 2401 Basic Biology I and Biology Lab
    • PY3600 Social Determinants of Health
  3. Special Topics: Two from the group below (8 cr.)
    • PY4401 Developmental Neuropathology
    • PY4402 Neuropsychopharmacology
    • PY4403 Cognitive Neuroscience
    • PY4410 Psychology of Teaching and Learning
    • BS4500 Cell and Molecular Neurobiology
    • PH4680 Environmental Health
    • PH4800 Epidemiology
  4. Capstone: One from the group below (4 cr.)
    • PY5404 Environmental Neuroplasticity
    • PY5610 Research Perspectives in Neuropsychology