Middle Childhood Education: Mathematics (5-9), B.S.

Candidates successfully completing this program of study are recommended by the College at Old Westbury to New York State for initial certification as Middle Childhood Education (grades 5-9) teachers. The School of Education Mathematics Education coordinator is responsible for advising and approving students as they progress through the School of Education program. Students should also have an advisor from the Mathematics Department.


A. Mathematics Content Requirements

  • MA2310 Calculus & Analytical Geometry I
  • MA2320 Calculus & Analytical Geometry II
  • MA2500 History of Mathematics
  • MA3030 Discrete Mathematics
  • MA3160 Linear Algebra
  • MA3180 Foundations of Secondary School Mathematics
  • MA3210 Probability & Statistics
  • MA3330 Calculus & Analytical Geometry III
  • MA3520 Transition to Advanced Mathematics
  • MA4510 Geometry
  • MA5120 Abstract Algebra I
  • MA5320 Advance Calculus I

B. Liberal Education Courses

Students must complete all requirements of the Old Westbury Liberal Education program. MA2500 is strongly recommended.

C. Education Core Courses

  • ED3742 Middle Childhood & Adolescence
  • ED4000 Foundations of Special Education
  • ED3900 Foundations of Education
  • ED4230 Reading Across the Curriculum
  • ED4231 Reading Practicum
  • ED4740 Interdisciplinary Instructional Strategies
  • ED4082 Methods and Materials of Teaching Math in Secondary School
  • ED5890 Pre-teaching Practicum & Seminar
  • ED5910 Student Teaching & Seminar in Middle Childhood Education (grades 5-9)

D. Other Requirements

Candidates must earn a grade of C- or higher in all required courses for the degree, whether taken at Old Westbury or elsewhere. A grade of C is required in all mathematics courses, whether taken at Old Westbury or other institutions.

E. Second Major in Mathematics

Candidates who desire a second major in mathematics must take: MA4360, CS2510, and one Math elective at 4000 or 5000 level.