Curriculum- Health and Society, B.S.

In addition to College-wide requirements including Liberal Education Curriculum, students who plan to pursue a degree in Health and Society must take a minimum of 11 courses to fulfill degree requirements. The basic requirements for the degree are:

1. Seven core courses in Public Health Department (28 credits):

  • PH 3600 Introduction to the Social Determinants of Health
  • PH 3610 Introduction to the U.S. Health Care System
  • PH 4670 Biostatistics
  • PH 4800 Epidemiology
  • PH 4900  Field Placement
  • PH 5900 Research Methods
  • PH 5920  Senior Seminar

2. Three Public Health Department electives (12 credits).

3. One semester of Biological Sciences (4 credits):

  • BS 2100 Biology for Non-Majors OR
  • BS 2300 Anatomy and Physiology I OR
  • BS 2310 Anatomy and Physiology II OR
  • BS 2400 Basic Biological Sciences I OR
  • BS 2410 Basic Biological Sciences II.

All courses in the major must be completed with a grade of C or better.

Public Health Department Electives (12 Credits)

Students may choose any three of these courses to satisfy the requirement for the major.

  • PH3200 Nutrition and Society
  • PH4450 Human Sexuality
  • PH4600 Health Program Planning and Evaluation
  • PH4610 Women's Health
  • PH4631 Mental Health
  • PH4650 Substance Use and Abuse
  • PH4661 Health Education
  • PH4680 Environmental Health
  • PH4700 Medical Anthropology
  • PH4750 Aging and Social Policy
  • PH4760 Health Administration
  • PH4770 Occupational Health
  • PH4790 Health Policy
  • PH4810 Ethics in Public Health
  • PH4820 Health Law
  • PH4850 Global Health
  • PH4890 Environmental Policy and Politics
  • PH4920 Special Topics in Public Health
  • PH4930 Immigrant and Refugee Health
  • PE4430 Health Economics
  • PY3020 Health Psychology
  • SY3750 Medical Psychology

Field Placement

All Public Health students must complete a 90-hour internship. Depending on their interests, students work in a wide variety of health settings. The fieldwork experience is an integral part of the Public Health program.