Curriculum- Adolescence Education: Spanish (7-12), M.S.

M.S. in Adolescence Education: Spanish (7-12) – 36 credits 

CRN Courses Credit
  Common Pedadgogy Courses 9
ED7001 Human Growth and Development 3
ED7002 Foundations of Literacy 3
ED7003 The Exceptional Learner 3
  Spanish Courses 15
ML6510 Structure of Spanish 3
ML6520 Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature 3
ML6530 Cervantes and the Golden Age 3
ML6540 Points of Contact:United States and Latin America 3
  Topics in Peninsular and Latin American Art, Literature, and Culture ( offered in rotation;one course required) 3
ML6810 Topics in Peninsular and Latin American Art  
ML6820 Topics in Spanish and Latin American Cinema  
ML6830 Topics in Caribbean Anti-Slavery Narrative  
ML6840 Topics in Pre-Columbian Cultures and Literature  
  Linked Pedagogy and Content 12
ED7086 Discipline Specific Methodology ( Spanish) 3
ED7096 Discipline Specific Literacy, Research and Technology ( Spanish) 3
ED7700 Methods of Research in Educational Settings 3
ED7800 Thesis Research in Educational Settings 3