First-Year Experience

FYE students with guest authorOffice Of First-Year Experience

The design of the First-Year Experience Program at SUNY Old Westbury, is to support and encourage first-year students as they begin their college experience. Students are encouraged to become engaged in campus life, approach study with confidence, and make new friends with the understanding that we are here to support and assist them as they explore their new environment. First-Year illuminates the necessary pathways to academic success by promoting classroom and community engagement and supporting college persistence.

Support Services for First-Year Students

The role of First-Year Experience at SUNY Old Westbury is to provide structure and guidance. Students learn to build personal and academic foundations for their college experience. We offer student success workshops on study skills, wellness, getting involved on campus, meeting faculty and utilizing available college resources. In addition, First-Year collaborates with offices across campus to engage students in a variety of college programming. Every student has a designated academic advisor available for counsel and guidance, and students are encouraged to meet with their advisor throughout the first-year.

Class of 2025

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At SUNY Old Westbury, first-year students are encouraged to GET INVOLVED! Own your future!



Laura Anker, Ph.D.
Director, Office of First-Year Experience
Location: Student Union, Room 313 A-E
Phone: (516) 876-3458
Email: ankerl [at]