College-wide Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Logo"OW 2010-2015" is a plan that will further Old Westbury's mission as a scholarly community that educates students to be engaged, innovative and ethical contributors to an increasingly diverse, global world. 

The plan represents the collective effort of the college community whose work was guided by the following shared set of principles: 

  • Liberal Education.  Old Westbury promotes rigorous intellectual inquiry, grounded in ethical and civic values, that connects learning in the classroom with engagement in the community. Through an integrative curriculum, innovative pedagogy, and small classes we provide a transformative educational experience that fosters the capacity for life-long intellectual and personal growth. 
  • Integrity.  Because all human relationships, as well as a just society, rely on the principles of truth, trust and fairness, Old Westbury is committed to the highest ethical standards in academic, institutional and community life.
  • Participatory Governance.  To exemplify in all College policies the values we espouse, Old Westbury upholds the principles of transparency, accountability and democracy in every aspect of governance and planning conducted by students, staff, faculty, administration, trustees and friends of the College alike.
  • Intercultural Understanding.  Old Westbury promotes an inclusive environment and critical awareness of the multiplicity and range of human perspectives and identities (including race, ethnicity, religion, gender, class, sexuality, age, and (dis)ability, among others) through the interactions of students, faculty and staff within its diverse learning community.
  • Sustainability.  The campus community is dedicated to the stewardship of our environment and fragile ecosystem and to equity in the allocation and preservation of shared resources—such as air, water, and land—on campus, on Long Island, and in the larger world.
  • Social Justice.  Old Westbury promotes social justice and equality in living and learning through its historic commitment to educational empowerment, diversity, access, equity, self-determination, community activism and responsible global citizenship. 

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