2018-2023 Strategic Plan

What SUNY Old Westbury does matters.
How we do it also matters.

To ensure we align our mission, vision, resources and efforts, SUNY Old Westbury, like all strong organizations, must from time to time take stock of its position and lay out a new plan for its future.  Our campus has done just that over the past 20 months, and the result is our new Strategic Plan.

The 2018-2023 Strategic Plan is a living framework that allows for flexibility moving forward. The Plan focuses on four essential goals: 

  • Foster Student Success
  • Promote Academic Excellence
  • Cultivate Social and Environmental Responsibility, and 
  • Strengthen Institutional Effectiveness

These goals and supporting objectives and strategies can help us in setting priorities for our College and will serve as the basis against which our planning and assessment will occur. Our Plan is very much about the people of our campus, but also about the role our campus does and must play in the greater communities of Long Island, New York and beyond.

2018-2023 Strategic Plan (PDF)