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Codes and Policies

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Codes and Policies

This site is designed to provide a useful reference for students, faculty and staff at SUNY College at Old Westbury with respect to policies that affect the entire College. Those policies and procedures that affect only a single department will continue to be the responsibility of the area Vice President or Department Head. Each of these policies represents the College's official position with respect to significant issues and provide procedures to follow when addressing such issues.

Click here to read the President's message on internal controls.

This policy site will be updated as necessary.

For ease of reference, policies are grouped under the following categories


Academic/Research  top

Academic Integrity  top
Definitions and procedures for students that outline the College's expectations related academic honesty and the manner in which penalties are applied and grievances can be herd.

Business & Finance  top

Use of College Facilities for Internal Events (B-01)   top
Procedures for the use of College facilities by students, faculty and staff for events held on campus. For procedures related to an external event sponsored by an outside third party.

Revenue Collection during Internal Events (B-01.1)   top
An amendment to Procedure No. B-01, Use of College Facilities Internal Events, this document identifies the procedures to use for revenue collection by staff, faculty and students when events (athletic, plays, musical performances or other functions) are held on the campus.

Use of College Facilities for External Events (B-02)  top
Amends the current policy in response to the recent review of events procedures by SUNY Internal Audit Department. Such changes reflect consolidation of all College facilities rentals in one area, adding procedures for make-up/rescheduled games and adding procedures that tie the level of review & approval by the Permit Committee to New York State's requirements for bidding contracts.

Record Retention (B-04)  top
Identifies record retention periods established by New York State and provides guidance on safeguarding and disposal of financial, health legal and student records.

Credit Card Marketing (B-05)  top
Sets forth procedures that allow the advertising, marketing, or merchandising of credit cards to students on the College’s premises under certain conditions. It also contains restrictions against advertising and penalties for individuals violating the policy. Also available as Attachment 1 is The Perils of Plastic.

Computing/Telecommunications  top

Internet Security  top
Applicable to all computer users at the College, provides the standards and procedures for access and proper use of the College’s E-mail System, the Internet and Computer Resources

Assignment & Usage of Phones  top
Procedures associated with the assignment, use and management of telephones. The College provides telephones to employees primarily for use in the conduct of normal business activities and on a limited basis, for employees' personal use.

E-Mail Policy  top
Guidelines for the use of the College e-mail system by students, faculty and staff, including definitions related to employees' responsibilities, legal risks and legal requirements associated with e-mail, and expectations regarding personal use of the College's e-mail system.

Website Privacy Policy Statement  top
Applicable to all users of the College website, provides the parameters for which information is collected by the College and used by its personnel.

Conduct/Behavior  top

Code for Student Conduct  top
Applicable to all students of the College, provides the definitions of expected conduct, judicial authority, and prohibited conduct and comprises the procedures through which judicial hearings are set, sanctions determined, and appeals heard.

Non-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment  top
Definitions and procedures for students, faculty and staff that outline the College's expectations related to discrimination and harassment and the manner in which complaints can be made and are investigated.

Facilities  top

Inventory Control Over Property  top
Procedures for inventory control over property purchased or assigned to the campus to ensure that such items are properly recorded and valued in the inventory systems, and safeguarded against theft or loss. Property consists of assets, furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Disposal or Sale of Equipment & Material  top
Procedures for use by College personnel in the disposal or sale of equipment (including furniture and fixtures) and non-hazardous material.

Human Resources/Affirmative Action  top

Use of Volunteers  top
Procedures for the occasional use of Volunteers in the conduct of normal operations and for College-sponsored programs and activities.

Employee Policies and Procedures Manual - Circa 2000  top
This document was prepared in 2000 for employees of the college to acquaint them with their benefits and responsibilities. Some policies outlined in this document may have been subsequently revised, so all personnel citing this information should direct questions and inquiries to the Office of Human Resources.

Non-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy  top
Applicable to all who work, study, and/or live on campus, this document outlines the College's expectations regarding the treatment of other persons on campus and the College's prohibition of all forms of harassment.  This policy also describes the procedure for filing complaints and provides contact information for campus personnel to be contacted in relation to situations involving discrimination and harassment.

Workplace Violence Policy & Procedures  top
Applicable to all employees of the College, independent contractors, vendors, and other visitors who have been retained by the College with respect to the business or operation of the College, this policy outlines the prohibition of any and all forms of violence, threatening behavior or harassment which involve or affect the College or which occur on the College’s campus.    This policy also applies to students who serve as employees of the College, during such times as they are acting in their capacity as employees.

Public & Media Relations  top

LED Display Policy (P-01)   top
Applicable to all faculty, staff and students, provides the parameters for which information is collected and displayed via the LED display sign located at the College’s main entrance.

Residential Policies  top

Student Housing Between Academic Semesters  top
Definitions related to situations where permission will be granted for student housing will be allowed between academic semesters and the procedures through which such permissions can be obtained.

Guide to Campus Living  top
Printed annually, the Guide to Campus Living provides definitions, guidelines and information related to the rules and regulations that govern the College's residence halls.

Safety/Security  top

Emergency Response Plan  top
The Emergency Response Plan available here represents a comprehensive emergency management program for emergencies and or major disasters, whether natural or technical that effect the ability of the SUNY College at Old Westbury to perform its educational function.

Inclement Weather  top
The general policy of the College as it relates to class cancellation and campus closure in the event of inclement weather.


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