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Finding Websites

There are a variety of ways to find Internet Resources including:

Address or URL - The address or Uniform Resource Locator is the location on the Internet where a particlular Web page resides. If you already know an address (e.g., you can simply type it in the browsers "location box" and hit enter.

Search Engines - These are Websites on the Internet (e.g., that you go to in order to find other Websites. A search engine is essentially a database that indexes Websites by sending out "spiders" (small computer programs) to see what is available. In theory, search engines attempt to index every available site, but each search engine works differently and no one search engine covers all sites. Search engines do, however, allow you to cast the widest possible net when performing keyword searches.

Subject Directories - A subject directory provides you with a set of links that are organized according to both general and more specialized subject headings.Unlike search engines, subject directories are human centered inasmuch as the Websites indexed are generally submitted to the directory and then evaluated by the people running the subject directory. Subject directories are thus more limited in terms of the amount of sites indexed.

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