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Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a cooperative agreement to obtain books and articles from other libraries. ILL is available to SUNY Old Westbury students, faculty (including those on sabbatical) and staff, and Empire State College students, faculty, and staff. For more information, contact Norine Baskin at (x3151, or E-mail at

Borrowing policy

Borrowers with overdue materials, or fines outstanding are not eligible for ILL until all overdue items are returned and fines paid.

Charges and the use of Interlibrary Loan materials
Except when there is a charge from a lending library, ILL services are provided at no cost to the patron. Every effort will be made to locate the material at a non-charging library; sometimes this is not possible, that is why it is important to indicate on the ILL request if you are willing to pay and the amount. If an amount is not indicated on the request form and the ILL department can not obtain the requested material from a non-charging library the patron will be informed and the loan will be cancelled. If a lending library does charge and a patron has agreed to pay the charge, the ILL item will not be released until the money has been collected.

Lending Libraries have the right to place restrictions on the use of a borrowed item. The most common restriction is "in-house" library use. This means the patron may not leave the library with the borrowed item. The lending library determines the due date of an item and may recall the item at any time. There are NO RENEWALS on ILL materials. Books must be returned on time. Any loss or damage of a borrowed item will result in a charge to the patron for a replacement copy. Photocopies of articles may be kept.

Materials that CAN NOT be requested through ILL
*Materials already owned by SUNY Old Westbury - including reference books, reserve books, and books loaned out to other patrons. *Rare or valuable materials. *Large or fragile materials. *High demand items - best sellers, newly published, current events, textbooks.

Fill out an ILL request form at the Reference Desk
Provide the complete citation, an incomplete citation will slow the ILL process, delaying the time in which you will receive the requested material. Include a verification - in what index, bibliography, encyclopedia, etc. did you find this reference? Provide volume number, abstract number, or page number. Lending libraries may not honor requests unless a verification is included.

How long will my request take and how many may I submit?
Your request will be processed as soon as possible, you should allow TWO (2) WEEKS for the material to arrive. ILL requests for any one person are limited to five (5) per week to insure prompt and equitable processing. If you must submit more than five, rank the requests in order of importance by placing a number in the upper left corner - 1 being the most important. The extra requests will be processed as time permits.

You will be notified by phone when materials are received. Materials can be picked up at the Reference Department Office. If you would prefer to be notified by e-mail, please include your e-mail address on the request form. Any patron who repeatedly requests materials and does not pick the items up or does not return the items on time will have his/her ILL privileges suspended.

Just as with any library books you borrow, you are financially responsible for any loss or damage.

Copyright Law
Borrowers must obey the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code). Photocopies or other reproductions provided are not to be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research. Users who exceed these guidelines may be held liable for copyright infringement.

Lending Policy

Old Westbury will supply materials to all libraries. Due to a large number of requests, Old Westbury asks that out-of-state libraries enter Old Westbury into the lender string as the last lender.

Nylink (formerly SUNY/OCLC Network) and LILRC.

Items available for interlibrary loan
Old Westbury will lend out materials from the circulating collection. Reference, reserve, periodicals , newspapers, microfilm/fiche, curriculum materials, and audio-visual materials can not be lent. A thirty (30) page limit has been set on all photoduplication requests. Photocopies may be kept.

Loan period
Five (5) weeks, no renewals. Recalled items must be returned immediately.

How to submit a request
Requests can be submitted through OCLC or ALA form.

Overdue, lost, or damaged items
A bill for the overdue item will be sent with the third overdue notice. For lost or damaged items Old Westbury prefers a replacement copy, but will accept a check payable to SUNY Old Westbury Library.


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