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All SUNY College at Old Westbury community members should be aware that a vehicle registration sticker, obtainable for a fee of $10.00 at the Office of the Bursar, must be affixed to the driver's side rear window of any vehicle used to commute to the college. If a student, staff or faculty members utilizes a second or third vehicle, all vehicles must have their own vehicle registration sticker affixed to the conveyance. The University Police Department will issue parking tickets for vehicles without the campus registrations stickers.

All resident student and/or overnight parking is in rows five through eight of the Campus Center parking lot or in the rear rows of the Clark Athletic Center parking lot. There is no parking on the dormitory roadway or in handicapped spaces identified on roadway in the vicinity of each residence hall. All parking regardless of lots must be in designated parking spaces and out of stall parking will be ticketed.

Community members parking in any of the campus handicapped spaces must have a handicapped plate on the vehicle, a county handicapped sticker hanging from the front mirror, or a temporary handicapped pass issued by the University Police Department. These temporary passes are issued for short periods of time and a doctor's note identifying the temporary disability must be forwarded to the University Police Department prior to the issuance of the temporary pass.

A complete version of the College's Campus Motor Vehicle Regulations can be found here: 2007-08 Campus Motor Vehicle Regulations

Requests for appeals regarding citations can be made to the College Traffic Safety Appeal Officer by using the "Appeal for Violation of College Motor Vehicle Regulations" that can be found by clicking here.

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