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Student Health

The primary functions of the Office of Student Health Services are to maintain the health of the College's students while also promoting healthful habits that enable students to achieve their personal and academic goals.

Open to students of the College, the office seeks to accomplish its primary functions by offerings such services as:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of common medical illnesses
  • Diagnosis and treatment of STDs
  • Referrals and follow-up on special health needs
  • Inform students on Medical, Health and Dental plans
  • Basic lab screening tests (i.e. UTI, STREP testing)
  • Medications
  • AIDS Testing
  • Emergency Transport to area hospitals
  • Confidentiality of all Health Center Visits
  • Health Education Workshops
  • First Aid and CPR Training
  • Meditation/Relaxation
  • STD Prevention

When the College is in session, Student Health Services generally has a nurse in attendance five days a week. Physicians, nurses, and nurse practitioners are available Monday through Friday to provide primary care in the event of illness or injury. Schedules are available upon request and are subject to change.

Students who must be referred to off-campus facilities such as hospitals, medical specialists, and laboratories are responsible for any charges incurred. Gynecological counseling and basic care is also available.

NOTE: Medical records are not released without the student's permission except as required by law. Also, no general or personal medical information is distributed through this website or via e-mail.

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