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Publications FAQ

Q. What kind of services does the office of publications offer?
A. The Office of Publications Office supplies full layout and design services, from consultation and creation of publications or designs, to overseeing print production. The office fills between 150-250 requests per years, ranging in complexity. Projects range from The Path, to creation of digital files for web pages, to signage and car decals. The office has experience working with a wide range of vendors. The office produces the publications for the Admissions and Institutional Advancement, primarily, along with major academic-related publications (i.e. - College Catalog, course schedules, etc.). Projects for other departments are taken on as much as possible.

Q. How much time does a project take to be produced in-house (i.e. ready to be printed)?
A. It depends on the complexity of the project, but even more so on the volume of work in the Office of Publications at the time. That's why it is best to make contact with the office prior to bringing materials over in order to get a better idea of turn-around time. Other factors: a new publication designed from scratch will take longer; publications that need photos taken or printed will take longer; publications that need original artwork (maps, charts, identity marks) will take longer. These time-related impacts do not include the time required for the actual printing. Visit the Campus Printing section for estimated timelines on printing.

Q. What if I have design ideas of my own?
A. Any ideas you have on layout or photos should be communicated to the Publications staff at the initial meeting. Questions will be asked that will help you and the designer better define various details of the publication. At least one "dummy" layout will be provided for proofing and approval before the job is sent to the printer. There are certain stylistic considerations that may be necessary to implement in order to keep any publications in the "family" of Old Westbury publications.

Q. What is the best word processing format in which to provide copy?
A. We require that material be submitted in Microsoft Word. As you are in effect, type-setting the material (your copy will be imported, saving the need for re-keyboarding), it is essential that it be complete, accurate, error-free and approved when it is submitted to the Publications staff.

Q. Can I make copy changes at any point in the production process?
A. The later in the process changes are made, the more time consuming, and perhaps expensive. The copy supplied should be final and approved before it reaches the Office of Publications (the designer will fix obvious typos, but is not responsible for proof-reading). If major changes are made, it could cause considerable revisions in the design. In those cases where an external printer is being used, changes made once the job is at the printer (a.k.a. author's alterations) will result in charges for whatever materials need to be re-done. Additionally, your project will be further delayed.

Q. How do I choose paper?
A. The Office of Publications has paper samples from local paper companies. However the choices can be overwhelming. It is probably the most efficient to convey to the designer your ideas, if any, on paper choices and let him make some suggestions.

Q. How can I speed up the process?
A. Have "AFAP" (As Final As Possible) copy at the outset; review and return dummies in a prompt manner; consult with the Office of Publications as soon as possible before a project; know desired quantities and budget restrictions (if any) at the outset of the process; process purchasing requisitions promptly when needed.

Q. What information is needed to get a quote on printing costs? How long does it take?
A. To get an accurate cost bid, the following is needed: quantity, type of paper, number of colors, and the physical size of the piece. A print quote can be ascertained before the final piece is done, saving a couple of days, which is what it usually takes. "Ballpark" quotes for planning purposes can also be solicited. Adjustments can be made in the print specifications in order to lower costs if necessary. For example, paper costs can make up about a third of a job's cost in some cases, so going to a less-expensive paper, or house sheet, can generate savings.

Q. How do I "purchase" printing?
A. The Office of Publications works with different printers on a daily basis. Depending on the type of job, the best and most affordable printer can be recommended. Competitive bids can be received as well. Jobs on state account are done through a purchase requisition, with the Office of Publications supplying the bids. Low bidder gets the job. Jobs done with private funds (through the Old Westbury College Foundation or otherwise) can also be bid, but the printers will bill after the job. The Office of Publications can develop the print specifications, solicit the bids and draft a purchase requisition for the ordering department to place into the electronic requisitioning system. The office will coordinate pick-up of materials, view the proof and schedule delivery.

Q. How long will a job take to print?
A. For jobs printed on-campus, refer to the Campus Printing section on this website. For jobs printed off campus, allow at least two weeks. Publications that use special paper, are produced in small quantities, or speciality envelopes or processes may run longer, so additional pre-planning helps to lessen the delay.

Q. What type of photographic images can be used in publications?
A. For black and white publications, black and white or color prints of good quality can be used. For color publications, color transparencies (i.e. slides) are preferred over color prints. Digital images can be used if the resolution is high enough. Black and white images generally need to be at least 250 dpi, and color images at least 300 dpi. Color images can be changed to black and white. Images downloaded from the Internet are not suitable for printing. Additionally, all photography proposed must be meet all copyright laws/regulations.

Q. If I need specific photos for a publication, how do I get them taken?
A. Check with the Director of Public & Media Relations to schedule a photo shoot. Make sure the director is aware of the end use of the photo, as that will affect film format and scheduling etc.

Q. Are there existing photos I can use in my publication?
A. The Office of Publications has an collection of the digital photos used in the Admissions publications, which include classroom and outdoor campus scenes, which are available for use in college publications. The office also archives digital and film images taken by college photographers over the years.

Q. Is everything done on computer? What equipment and programs do you use?
A. Currently all design and production is done on Windows platform systems. Programs used: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Pagemaker, QuarkXpress.

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