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Public & Media Relations

SUNY College at Old Westbury has more than 400 faculty and professional staff members who are available to speak to members of the media about areas of interest. Whether the topic is environmental journalism, Hispanic/Latino culture, molecular research, or current political rhetoric, the Old Westbury faculty and staff provides commentary that is focused, clear and on-point for members of the local, regional and national media.

To learn more about the areas of expertise of Old Westbury's faculty and staff, or to schedule an interview with an Old Westbury faculty member, professional staff member or administrator, contact the Office of Public & Media Relations at (516) 876-3162 during regular business hours or at (516) 707-2356 after 6 p.m. and on weekends.

Public and Media Relations Staff

Michael Kinane
Assistant to the President for Advancement Building: CC , Room: H-300
Phone: 516-876-3162

John Butler
Community Relations Assistant Building: Campus Center , Room: H300A
Phone: (516) 876-3162
E-mail: ButlerJ@Oldwestbury.Edu

Danielle Collins
Digital Communications Specialist Building: CC , Room: H-300
Phone: 516-876-3186

Danielle Collins
Digital Communications Specialist Building: Campus Center , Room: H300
Phone: 876-3186

Denise Gross
Secretary Building: Campus Center , Room: H300
Phone: (516) 876-3162

Sung Kim
Website Administrator Building: CC , Room: H300D
Phone: 516-876-3159

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