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Business Compliance

Business Compliance Staff

Arthu Angst
Assoc. Vice President, Compliance
Building: CC , Room: H-310H
Phone: 516-876-3167/3094

Shirley Robinson
Technical Assistant
Building: Campus Center , Room: H-310
Phone: 876-3190

Kristin Roemer
Building: CC , Room: H-310
Phone: 516-876-3167

The Business Compliance unit of the Division of Budget & Finance, headed by an Associate Vice President, is comprised of the following operations:

Facilities Rental
The College's Facilities Rental staff works with students, staff, faculty and off-campus constituencies in arranging the many events to be held in the College facilities. This Office serves as the coordinator among those requesting events and the College staff needed to ensure the event's success.

Facilities Rental Staff

Michael Dolan
Facilities Program Coordinator
Building: CC , Room: H-317
Phone: (516) 876-3483

Robert Shields
Facilities Program Coordinator Asst.
Building: CC , Room: H-317
Phone: (516)876-3284/3905

Internal Controls
The Internal Controls staff seeks to monitor the College's attainment of its goals and to protect its resources from loss, waste, or damage. Through its internal control reviews of various offices, programs and activities, the Internal Controls staff provides the administration with recommendations for improving operations and ways to protect the College and its resources. The President fully supports the Internal Control Program and has encouraged all employees to be vigilant in their efforts to maintain sound internal controls in their daily routines.

Click here to read the President's message on internal controls.

The Internal Control staff also prepares drafts of College-wide policies and procedures and coordinates the review and approval process associated with such items.

Click here to review current policies related to College operations, facilities, and events.

Internal Controls Staff

Ted Kasnicki
Internal Control Officer/Contract Manager
Building: CC , Room: H-310D
Phone: (516) 876-4220

The Purchasing Office is responsible for the receiving all goods and services required by the College. the Purchasing Office works with faculty and staff to ensure that goods and services are obtained in the most resourceful manner and at an economical price while complying with the laws, regulations and policies set forth by and in accordance with SUNY, the New York State Office of the State Comptroller and the New York State Office of General Services. The Office also develops requests for proposals, obtains price quotes from vendors and coordinates bids for materials and services. In addition, the Office's daily functions include issuing purchase orders and change notices, troubleshooting system problems with end users and suggesting Preferred Source and M/WBE vendors.

Purchasing Staff

Patrick Adams
Purchasing Director
Building: CC , Room: H-310E
Phone: (516) 876-3194

Sheila Washington
Purchasing Assistant
Building: Campus Center , Room: H-310
Phone: 516-876-3193

Research Foundation Grants Management
The Research Foundation's office on campus works to service faculty and staff grant recipients effectively and efficiently in the administration of their Research Foundation accounts within the guidelines and regulations of Sponsors, Federal, New York State and the Research Foundation. This Office manages grant funds once an award is made. It monitors and processes expenditures according to the grant budget, prepares and maintains all grant records including payroll, personnel and patents.

Click here for link to more information on the operations of the Research Foundation.

Research Foundation Grants Management Staff

Penny Lombardi
Building: CC , Room: H-313D
Phone: (516) 876-3174
E-mail: LombardiM@Oldwestbury.Edu

Thomas Murphy
Director of Sponsored Programs
Building: CC , Room: H-313C
Phone: 516-876-3215

Auxiliary Services
To support and enhance College life, we work with various contractors to provide on-campus services to students, faculty and staff. These services include: food and dining, bookstore, vending machines, laundry services for residential students, ATM machine, refrigerator and micro-fridge rentals. This office not only develops the contracts, but monitors the day-to-day operations and is always looking for new enterprises to develop on campus to further enhance campus life. In addition, if there is a broken machine, or you have a specific complaint about a service or a refund request for lost money in a machine, this is the office to contact.

Auxiliary Services Staff

Cora Day
Executive Manager
Building: CC , Room: H-313A
Phone: 516-876-3979


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