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Business Affairs

Business Affairs Staff

Deirdre M. Dowd
Assoc. Vice President, Business Affairs
Building: CC , Room: H-310B
Phone: (516) 876-3191
E-mail: DowdD@Oldwestbury.Edu

Carole A. Mahoney
Secretary I
Building: CC , Room: H-310
Phone: (516) 876-3191
E-mail: MahoneyC@Oldwestbury.Edu

Joseph Ruckel
Building: CC , Room: H-310
Phone: (516) 876-3095
E-mail: RuckelJ@Oldwestbury.Edu

The Business Affairs unit of the Division of Budget & Finance, headed by an Associate Vice President, is comprised of the following operations:

Accounts Payable & Accounting
These offices are responsible for processing financial activity of the College which includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, revenue and expense accounting, and State travel. Their primary mission is to provide accurate and expeditious processing, recording and reporting of the financial transactions of the College. Their work is done in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and the published rules and regulations of both the Office of the NY State Comptroller and the University Controller's Office.

Accounts Payable & Accounting Staff

Penny Kurlan
Secretary I
Building: CC , Room: H-310F
Phone: (516) 876-3371
E-mail: KurlanP@Oldwestbury.Edu

The Budget Office is charged with developing and updating the College's state operating, dormitory and special Revenue Accounts budgets. In addition, the Budget Office: provides the administration with efficient and effective managerial information; guidance and review regarding the allocation and use of the College's resources; performs an ongoing analysis of the College's financial standing through examination of the College's expenditure patterns, revenue estimates, and personal service requirements; grants' approval for all fund transfers; and works closely with managers in the development of their budgets and monitoring of operations throughout the year.

Budget Staff

Jennifer Jimenez
Staff Assistant
Building: CC , Room: H-310
Phone: (516) 876-3139

Michael Sikorski
Budget Director
Building: CC , Room: H-310C
Phone: 516-876-3219

Bursar (Student Accounts)
The Bursar's Office is responsible for the collection of tuition, room and board charges, fees, and other campus miscellaneous revenue. The Bursar is also responsible for the collection and disbursement of State and Federal financial aid as governed by appropriate regulations. In addition, the Bursar's Office works with other campus administrators in the development of registration, student refund, and room and board policies. This Office is responsible for the collection of monies owed by financially delinquent students and consults with other departments to provide arrangements for these collections. The Office cooperates with other departments and state agencies in the reporting and safeguarding of cash and other financial transactions.

Click here for more information from the Office of the Bursar.

The Payroll Office processes the College's administrative, student assistants and work study payrolls in accordance with SUNY's and the Office of the State Comptrollers' rules and regulations. The Payroll Office works closely with the College's Office of Human Resources in coordinating payroll transactions and job related information.

Payroll Staff

Diane McLean
Payroll Manager
Building: CC , Room: H-310G
Phone: 876-3259

OWC Foundation Accounting
The Business Affairs staff also maintains the official books and records of the Old Westbury College Foundation, Inc., a separate 501 (c) 3 organization. Staff reviews the propriety of the Foundation's transactions and also prepares quarterly internal financial statements.

Click here for more information from the Old Westbury College Foundation.

Student Computing
Computing Services

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