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Transfer Credit Policies and Procedures

Credits appearing on the transcript of another accredited college that were taken at that college are evaluated by the Office of the Registrar for transfer to Old Westbury. Transfer credit for courses taken at institutions that operate on a quarter system is limited to computed equivalence in semester hours. A maximum of 72 transfer credits will be awarded.

Transcripts for courses taken prior to the student's first semester at the College must be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Services as part of the admission procedure. A preliminary evaluation of transfer credit can be made on the basis of a student copy of a transcript. However, official transfer credit will be granted only upon receipt of an official transcript. 2 sentences deleted here

Students will receive credit for courses taken as part of an AA or AS degree. However, credits from an AAS, AOS or other associate degree program are evaluated and accepted selectively. Acceptance of any credit does not imply that major or College requirements have been satisfied. Therefore, in order to graduate, students may be required to complete more than the minimum number of credits necessary for a particular degree program.

Transfer credit will not be awarded for courses in which a grade of D+ or below was earned, except if the courses are part of an AA, AS or AAS degree.

Normally, courses taken at unaccredited institutions are not transferable to the College. A student may petition the Academic Policy Committee for an exception to this rule. In certain documented instances, the petition may be granted. Courses given credit under this provision may not be used to satisfy the requirements of a particular degree without the permission of the appropriate department/program.

Students who have successfully completed a three-year hospital school of nursing program that is not part of a bachelor's degree program may be granted a total of 32 credits for such study. These credits will be included as part of the 72-credit maximum which can be awarded for transfer credit.

Courses for which transfer credits have been accepted may not be repeated for credit at Old Westbury.

The College's policies governing transfer credits stipulate that all transfer students:

  1. earn a minimum of 48 credit hours at Old Westbury (56 credits in degrees offered through the Business and Management Department), and may transfer a maximum of 72 credits;
  2. fulfill the College's requirement that all candidates for graduation demonstrate mastery of computational and American English language skills and meet the College's General education requirements;
  3. take a minimum of 24 credit hours in courses in the major at the 3000, 4000 or 5000-level. Specific majors may require more than the minimum 24 credits;
  4. complete 45 credits in courses at the 3000, 4000, or 5000-level toward overall degree requirements;
  5. fulfill the College's residency requirement.

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