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American Studies

American Studies Department

The faculty of the American Studies Department offer instruction leading to two separate degrees: a B.A. in American Studies or a B.A. in Media & Communications.

The American Studies major applies a cross-disciplinary perspective to the study of the United States. The broadly based major focuses on the nation's social and cultural history; its people and their actions; and the changing character of its cultural, social, political, legal, and economic structures. The Media and Communications major prepares students for careers in print or electronic journalism and other related media industries and activities, such as video editing, online design, public relations and promotions. Additionally, the majors provides students with a broad-based education emphasizing theoretical, historical and experiential learning in an interdisciplinary context.

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Faculty Members

Laura M. Anker
Distinguished Service Professor, Director - First Year Experience
Building: Student Union, Room: 313-E
Phone: (516) 876-3460
E-mail: AnkerL@Oldwestbury.Edu

Jermaine Archer
Assistant Professor
Building: New Academic Building, Room: 3003
Phone: 876-4852

Llana Barber
Assistant Professor
Building: New Academic Building, Room: 3005
Phone: (516) 628-5023

Aubrey W. Bonnett
Building: New Academic Building, Room: 2001
Phone: (516) 876-3402
E-mail: BonnettA@Oldwestbury.Edu

John Friedman
Associate Professor
Building: Student Union, Room: Catalyst Office
Phone: (516) 876-3381

Amanda Frisken
Associate Professor
Building: New Academic Building, Room: 3013
Phone: (516) 876-4853
E-mail: FriskenA@Oldwestbury.Edu

Karl Grossman
Building: New Academic Building, Room: 2006
Phone: (516) 876-3107
E-mail: GrossmanK@Oldwestbury.Edu

Joseph Manfredi
Instructor/Radio Station Manager
Building: SU, Room: 328a
Phone: 516-876-4963
Web Page:

Andrew Mattson
Department Chair, Director of Student Media
Building: New Academic Building, Room: 3015
Phone: (516) 876-3116
E-mail: MattsonA@Oldwestbury.Edu

Carol Quirke
Associate Professor
Building: New Academic Building, Room: 3007
Phone: (516)628-5024

Samara Smith
Assistant Professor
Building: New Academic Building, Room: 3009
Phone: 516-628-5658

Denton L. Watson
Associate Professor
Building: Campus Center, Room: E-215
Phone: (516) 876-2889
E-mail: WatsonD@Oldwestbury.Edu
Web Page:

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