Old Westbury Television Club Fundraiser

Old Westbury Television Raises Funds through Telethon

Old Westbury Television recently held its fourth annual Support the Kid for Cancer Fundraiser and raised more than $2,480 for the charitable organization.
Apr 27, 2015
Professor Carol Quirke at SUNY Old Westbury

Author and Associate Professor of American Studies, Dr. Carol Quirke was interested in history and social movements from an early age. Learn more about her work, upcoming book, and grant-funded projects at Old Westbury.

Apr 22, 2015

The School of Business hosted its annual Student Research Day on Tuesday, April 21, 2015. The following 3 research teams from 3 di

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John Friedman, Media and Communications faculty member, comments on the historical and present state of police and community relations in Baltimore, Maryland.


Professor Karl Grossman offers insights and opinions on the activity of OPEC nations and the oil market in response to the growth of fracking in the U.S.


Educator and researcher Kate Velsor comments in this local news piece on the impacts of demolition and renovations taking place at the historic Maine Maid Inn.


Marcia Gillespie, a visiting instructor in the media and communications program of the American Studies Department, penned this opinion p


The newly renovated Old Westbury library is included as this website from the publisher's of Fast Company magazine reviews the l