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National Recognition for a College Radio Station With Global Reach

Leading industry magazine offers cover-page coverage of the SUNY Old Westbury student-run radio station. OWWR facilities, programs and plans featured.

Jul 27, 2015
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College collaboration with Roosevelt Schools recognized for innovation in college and career readiness category as 90 percent of participants have graduated and moved on to college.

Jul 22, 2015
Raven Pentz with World Championship trophy

SUNY Old Westbury Panthers women's basketball guard, Raven Pentz of Walkill, NY,

Levittown Patch


Graduating Senior Arianna Wolfe is featured after having been named winner of the 2015 President's Medal for Scholarship.


John Friedman, Media and Communications faculty member, comments on the historical and present state of police and community relations in Baltimore, Maryland.


Professor Karl Grossman offers insights and opinions on the activity of OPEC nations and the oil market in response to the growth of fracking in the U.S.


Educator and researcher Kate Velsor comments in this local news piece on the impacts of demolition and renovations taking place at the historic Maine Maid Inn.


Marcia Gillespie, a visiting instructor in the media and communications program of the American Studies Department, penned this opinion p