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Majors & Minors

Undergraduate Degrees

B.A. in Visual Arts
The program of study for Visual Arts majors includes the study of art history and an introduction to the practical problems associated with the pursuit of careers in art. The objective of the curriculum is to cultivate students' understanding of the creative processes as well as provide them with a context from which to view the association between society and art.

The department's course of study is divided into three levels. First, the foundation level allows students to differentiate between authentic personal decisions and those dictated by social and cultural conditions. Second, a tutorial level allows students to focus on creative problems connected with the personal decisions and to understand their relation to the decisions of others. Third, a critical level enables students to develop a quality control for the formal solutions of the projects and to relate them to the contemporary art context.

Recognizing that not all students are interested in becoming professional artists, the program addresses two tracks. The difference is reflected in the type of internships required for each student and the preparation of a written thesis for those students in a peripheral situation in relation to art-making. For art practitioners the Senior Project consists of an exhibit in the Amelie A. Wallace Gallery.

Alumni Successes
Professionally, alumni having earned the B.S. in Visual Arts have chosen either to continue their education by pursuing a Master of Arts degree, or to enter directly into the work world. A sampling of careers that graduates have entered includes advertising, graphic and corporate design, interior design, typography, photography, gallery management, art therapy, publishing, television and teaching.

B.S. in Visual Arts: Electronic Media
The goal of the B.S. in Visual Arts: Electronic Media is to give students the creative and technical skills needed to succeed as computer artists and designers. Students learn to use the most relevant graphic software for print, multimedia and 3-D design, as well as animation and video production. Computer software skills are taught as a means to explore new technology as a medium for art.

This degree program produces self-motivated artists with strengths in creative vision, concept development, and critical thinking as well as a commitment to communicating visual messages through innovative artistic expression.

Students will obtain an understanding of the principles of visual communication and a proficiency in digital production techniques. Intensive study in artistic expression, design principles, the use of graphics software and professional design practices create students who are well-prepared for a wide variety of career opportunities in the design profession. This degree program also enables students to pursue a career as an exhibiting electronic media artist.


Media Design
The Media Design minor brings together the disciplines of communications and visual arts in a reflection of the increasingly media savvy - and media saturated - 21st century world. Through a curriculum derived jointly by the faculties of the American Studies and Visual Arts Departments, the minor offers students the ability to combine theory courses related to such concepts as mass media, American film genres, and popular culture with such skills based courses as drawing, desktop publishing, and applied photo imaging.

Visual Arts
The Visual Arts minor consists of a core of four required courses (16 credits) and three elective options: art history; fine art; or applied art. The minor is intended to serve two different groups of students. Students pursuing a liberal arts major would take the minor to explore non-linear modes of creative thinking and to become familiar with the ways in which art intersects with history, philosophy, psychology, literature and politics. Students majoring in professional programs such as teacher education, marketing, journalism and computer science can use the visual arts minor to develop some supplementary practical skills that will prove useful in their chosen career.


Did You Know?

Distinguished Service Professor of Mathematics, Jong Pil Lee, was awarded a 2005 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring during ceremonies held at The White House.

Among SUNY's comprehensive colleges, Old Westbury ranks among the highest in science and engineering funding to support competitive scientific research. Funding for research is provided by the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and the New York State Department of Education.

The JP Morgan Chase Foundation awarded a $50,000 grant to support the Curriculum Materials Center in the College library.

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