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Emergency Communications


SUNY College at Old Westbury is participating in SUNY-NY Alert, an emergency information system that sends text messages, e-mail announcements, and automated voice-mail messages to those who wish to receive them in the event an emergency occurs at Old Westbury. This system will also be employed in times of inclement weather to announce class cancellations.

All students, faculty and staff are urged to sign up for this system. Follow the directions below that relate to your position within our campus community.

Instructions for Students and Faculty to sign up via my.oldwestbury.edu [top]

  1. Visit the College portal: my.oldwestbury.edu
  2. Login to Secure Area.

  3. Students: Click on the Student Services tab
    Faculty: Click on the Faculty Service tab

  4. Open the Banner Self-Service Window

  5. Within the Banner Self-Service Window, open the Personal Information sub-folder

  6. With the Personal Information sub-folder, open the Emergency Alert Contact Information (NYALERT) files.

    Provide the requested information and click “Continue” to submit and receive SUNY NY-Alert messages. The fields on this page must be completed fully for your registration in the SUNY NY-Alert system to be activated.

Instructions for Signing Up for Emergency Communications From SUNY NY-Alert For College Faculty and Staff [top]

  1. Visit www.suny.edu
  2. Click on the “Faculty, Staff & Employment” link.
  3. From the initial SUNY Employee Services page, sign on using the Secure Sign On icon on the right-hand side:

    a. Click Sign On button.
    b. Select Old Westbury from the list of campuses.
    c. Login by entering the username and password you use to sign on to the campus e-mail system.

  4. Look for the “SUNY Emergency Contact System/NY Alert” symbol and click on it.

  5. Complete all required fields (those marked with one asterisk). Provide an e-mail address, a telephone number for voicemails, a telephone number for text messages or all of the above so that you can be contacted in the event of emergency.

    a. Enter telephone numbers without hyphens.
    b. Fax numbers will be accepted, but messages will be conveyed via this technology infrequently by the College.

  6. Hit “Submit” when you have completed the form.
  7. Review the information you provided. If it is correct, hit "Confirm."
  8. Your information will be entered into the SUNY NY-Alert system. The final screen will show you the date on which your information will be uploaded. Uploads to the system are made on a weekly basis.
  9. For your records, it is suggested that you print a copy of the final screen.

Instructions for the General Public to sign up via www.nyalert.gov [top]

  1. Visit www.nyalert.gov
  2. Click the “Click to Sign In” link in the main page header.
  3. In the “Not Yet Registered?” section, click enroll.
  4. You will be prompted to provide basic information, including a NY-Alert password and an e-mail address to which you would like alerts sent.
  5. Once all information is provided, click “Create Account.”
  6. The NY-Alert site will send you a confirmation e-mail that includes details about the service, its intent, and its limitations. If you choose to continue after reviewing the statement, click on the link embedded in the e-mail to return to the NY-Alert site.
  7. Click “login” and then re-enter your e-mail address and NY-Alert password.
  8. Now you should click “Start the Wizard” to enter in preferred contact information. Then, click “Next Step” to enter your location of interest.
  9. Enter the following information and then click “Next Step” to continue:

    Address Line 1: 223 Store Hill Road
    City: Old Westbury
    Zip: 11568
    Location: SUNY-Old Westbury

  10. Confirm that “223 Store Hill Road” is selected. Click “Submit.”


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