Curriculum- English, B.A.

Total Credits Required: 120 (90 in the liberal arts)

A. General Education

Refer to the College's General Education information for specific requirements.

B. Major requirements:  

All students in the major take a set of platform courses (levels 1 - 3) and complete the Senior Seminar sequence (level 5). Students choose one of two specialization, U.S. 
-British Multicultural Literature or World Literature, at level 4.  Summaries of the areas and credits are as follows:
  • Prerequisites: EMS for all courses at 3000 level or above.
  • Distribution requirements:
    • At least 2 courses primarily in literature written before 1800 (for the U.S., 1900)
    • At least 1 course in each of: British Literature; U.S. Literature; and World Literature. Either EL3500 or 3510 may be used to satisfy the British or U.S. Literature requirement, but not both.
  • Grade requirement:
    • A maximum of one grade of C-, and no grade below C-, may

Linguistic Foundations -- 4 Credits (Choose One)

  • EL2421  Introduction to Language (ECII Placement) 
  • EL3010   Structure and Grammar of English (EMS)

Literary Analysis -- 8 Credits (Choose Two)

  • EL3500  Literature Across Cultures I:  Analysis & Interpretation 
  • EL3510  Literature Across Cultures II: Theory
  • EL4400  Critical Theory

Literary Traditions -- 12 Credits 

(Choose ONE from Group A, ONE from Group B, and ONE from Groups A, B, or C)
Group A—British and U.S. Literature
EL3600  U.S. Literature I: Colonial to Civil War
EL3610  U.S. Literature II: Civil War to Present
EL3800  English Literature I: Beowulf to 18th Century, inclusive of Shakespeare 
EL3600  U.S. Literature I: Colonial to Civil War
EL3810  English Lit. II: Romantics to Present
Group B—World Literature
EL3560  Literatures of Europe I
EL3561  Literatures of Europe II
EL3700  Survey of World Literature
Group C—Genres and Traditions, Multicultural and World Literature
EL3100  Oral Interpretation/Oral Tradition
EL3950  Reading and Writing Non-Fiction Prose
EL4200  Biblical-Classic Foundations of MCL
EL4300  20th Cent. Lit: Colonialism & Postcolonialism
EL4311  Greek Drama
EL4312  Greek Myth
EL4325  Shakespeare: Selected Plays
EL4380  The Novel
EL4402  Sin and Sexuality in Literature
EL4500  Topics in British/U.S. Literature
EL4510  Modern Drama and Theater
EL4540  Epic East and West

Perspectives on Literature—12 Credits

(Choose ONE Specialization)
Specialization: Multicultural U.S. / British Literature Specialization
EL4800  Major Authors—Multicultural Literature (Prerequisites: EL3500, 3510)
  • Majors: Choose any two from these groups
  • Education Concentrators: Choose any one from these groups
U.S./British Literature
EL4030  Women & Narrative
EL4050  Lesbian & Gay Literature
EL4060  Literature of Class & Class Consciousness
EL4080  Extraordinary Bodies: Disability in Literature
U.S. Literature
ML3410  Latino Writers in the U.S.
EL3811  Survey of African American Literature
EL4000  Native American Literature
EL4010  Harlem Renaissance
EL4020  Asian American Literature
EL4040  Black Women Writers
EL4070  Topics in African American Liteature
EL4090  African American Novel
EL4091  African American Poetry & Plays
EL4405  Caribbean Literature
British Literature
EL4550  Modern English Lit. 1890–1960
EL4560  Multicultural British Literature Since 1960
Specialization: World Literature Specialization
(Non-English works are read in translation)
Surveys (Choose One)
EL3865  Literature of Asia
EL3870  Literatures of Africa
EL3880  Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature 
  • Majors: Choose any two from these groups
  • Education Concentrators: Choose any one from these groups
EL3875  Chinese Literature
EL4405  Caribbean Literature
EL4600  Literature of India
EL4620  Literature of the Middle East
EL4630  Latin American Literature
EL4640  French Literature
EL4650  Literature of Russia and Eastern Europe
EL4660  Topics in African Literature

Senior Seminars -- 8 credits

Required for English majors only
EL5000     Senior Seminar I: Research & Writing (Prerequisite: EMS, Senior Standing)
EL5010     Senior Seminar II: Thesis (Prerequisite: EMS, EL5000)
  • Distribution requirements: 
  1. At least 2 courses primarily in literature written before 1800 (for the U.S., 1900)
  2. At least 1 course in each of: British Literature, U.S. Literature, and World Literature. 
  • Either EL3500 or 3510 may be used to satisfy the British or U.S. Literature requirement, but not both.
  • NOTE: A maximum of 1 grade of C–, and no grade below C–, may be counted toward the Major.